Friday, July 25, 2014

Scenes From the Week

We have been busy little bees lately, having so much fun this summer! 

Justin treated us to sno cones one day and Emory loved it! It was her first sno cone and it looks like it will be the first of many! 

Of course she wanted to hold her cup by herself, also known as spill it all over the place! Haha! But aren't they so cute?!

It was too delicious to stop eating, even for a picture! 

Justin calls this her "muumuu" dress." But really it's so fun and vibrant - he just doesn't know! 

Every Tuesday we have a Mommy and Me play date and it has been so much fun meeting new friends. 

We went to Target with Emily and Cammie one day and they were SO stinking cute strapped into the buggy. They kept laughing and looking at each other. So sweet! 

Then they each got a ball to hold and were in total heaven! They held onto them all around the store. How sweet are these babies?! 

A sweet little peach, eating a peach. 

This picture cracks me up! It's blurry, but seriously, how funny is Emory's face?! 

Grandma and grandpa came into town and had a surprise for Emory - a brand new slide for her to play on. She was crazy about it! She must have went down the slide 100 times! 

My friend Melissa gave Emory some gingerbread play dough and Emory had a lot more fun licking it than she did playing with it. I have to agree with her, though - it smelled delicious! 

My sweet little reader. She is obsessed with books! 

Sweet angel face! 

Emory finally has enough hair to put into a little ponytail and isn't it the CUTEST THING EVER?! She is so precious! 

Love love love - sweet little baby! 

This is my view frequently as I look down and I really do treasure these moments. She wants me to hold her and she wants to be doing what I'm doing. I know it won't last forever, so I will cherish it now!

We do a lot of swinging in the afternoons. We don't have much of a backyard, but it does get nice and shady in the afternoon, and for that I am grateful. 

Emory will go and grab a book and bring it to us to read to her all day long. Brown Bear, Brown Bear is her favorite right now and Justin taught her all of the animals! She can point to each animal when asked - what a little genius!! 

We went to the park one afternoon and Emory really enjoyed having her daddy there to play with her. The only sometimes sad part about being a SAHM is that daddy is working and doesn't get to hang out during the day, so it's really special when we have days together! 

The park has a "duck pond" in it where everyone goes to feed and watch the ducks. We brought a few pieces of bread and when it was Emory's turn to throw her piece, she just decided to eat it instead. Haha. She was looking around at everyone throwing bread into the water and I can only imagine how confused she must have been, thinking "why are they wasting good food?" Haha! 

These two are my favorite. 

I think someone had the advantage on this one - haha! But seriously, what a big girl! 

Last week for our play date we went to the splash pad, which is always a big hit. I couldn't get over how adorable Emory looked in her pink tutu swimsuit! 

What a doll baby! I love her so much! She just loves to be outside playing. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pinterest in the Park

Last summer I started a Mommy and Me group on Facebook in hopes of having lots of play dates and making new friends. We didn't really do much last year, but for the past few months we have been hanging out a lot. Emily and I decided to get creative and host "Pinterest in the Park" once a month. We had our first one the first week of July and it was SO much fun!! 

We chose water as the theme and created a few activities for the babies to do. We had several bins filled with different colored water and lots of toys to take in and out of the water. We filled up water balloons for them to play with and they loved those! We also had a bin full of ice with things stuck in it for them to dig out - which was a favorite! A few of the older kids did a little finger painting, too. All in all it was a major success and so fun. We made some new mommy friends, too! Of course I forgot my real camera, so iPhone pictures will have to do. 

How cute are all these babies?! 

Sweet Abbie. Isn't she the cutest thing ever?! 

It might not look like much, but we are proud! ; ) Now we just need an idea for next month. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fourth of July 2014

If there's one thing that I love, it's dressing sweet Emory for the holidays! The week of the Fourth, Emory was decked out in her red, white, and blue every day. I love being so festive...and I hope she grows to love it, too! These are all iphone pictures and not the best quality, but still too cute to not share.

What a cute and festive baby!! 

We had a really fun, low key Fourth of July. Justin and I were both off...yay! We headed over to Aunt Pam's house for a little swimming and a lot of eating. Papaw grilled burgers for us and our friends Emily, Brice, and Cameron came along to hang out. 

Emory doesn't really love to get in the pool, so we brought the kiddie pool along and she really enjoyed it. She kept throwing her pool toys to daddy and then climbing out to get them and starting all over. 

Little bathing beauty! 

This was right after Cammie's sad cry because she was hungry and no one would feed her! Poor Cam! She just couldn't understand where dinner was?! Hahaha. But she sure was a happy camper after getting some food in that belly! 

Speaking of food, the only other thing that I took a picture of other than babies...

...was my beautiful and very patriotic strawberry and blueberry trifle! It was SO delicious and I felt like a little chef bringing my cute dessert to the party! Melissa - aren't you so proud?!

Emory decided that she wasn't done swimming and climbed in, clothes and all! 

Throwing the balls with Aunt Pam! 

Cammie came to play! These two are the cutest together! It has been so neat to watch them learn to play together and share with each other. We are still working on the sharing part sometimes, but they've definitely learned to interact together so much more lately!

Who needs a swimsuit?! Emory had so much fun swimming with Aunt Pam. We were a little (or a lot) late leaving, so we went totally redneck and gave her a bath in the backyard with the water hose and a little bit of soap. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. ; ) 

Grandma and grandpa came to visit the next day and we headed to the park after nap time. I brought my real camera because I wanted to try to get some cute pictures...and WOW...I really did. Grandma and grandpa are going to have to come over every time I need good pictures. They made it so easy! 

Having a little thoughtful moment on the playground. Isn't she a doll?! 

Swinging with grandma! Swinging is her favorite thing! 

I just love her little outfit and the silhouette it makes on her. Sooo sweet and classic. 

Walks with grandma and grandpa! Emory is so lucky to have these two - they love her so much and would do anything in the world for her. They drive up every single weekend to see her! We love y'all!! 

These two are gonna be the best of friends...

...and trouble together! She has grandma wrapped around her finger already! 

Our little firecracker - the light of our lives!! 

She is seriously the cutest, sweetest, most precious baby ever!! How did we get so blessed?!

That topped off our Fourth Festivities and we were finally able to stop wearing red, white, and blue. ; )