Wednesday, March 4, 2015

December 2014

December was such a fun month for us. The holidays always provide lots of fun activities. Plus, Justin was off for a good bit of it. Between being pregnant and moving, I was one worn out little momma! 

Here's some random phone pictures of December:

Loving on Diesel...he is so patient with her! She is just obsessed with him! It's so cute! 

My little bookworm. If it's ever quiet, I know where I will find her...reading books! 

A little Christmas cheer, even though we were only a couple weeks from moving. 

Playing at the mall with Abbie. Oh how we can't wait for warmer weather! 

A little Popeye's for dinner makes for one happy baby girl! 

9 weeks pregnant with baby #2! A little bump coming out! 

We tried out pigtails for the day. Not sure how I felt about them. She looked so much older! 

Being silly. I love sitting down and eating dinner with my sweet girl. We have a lot of fun and she loves to keep me entertained! 

Justin and Emory needed a nap! 

But somehow, Emory put him to sleep. Haha. Men. 

11 week ultrasound - everything looked perfect!! 

All moved into our new house...with Papaw! And I left the room for two minutes and came back to find this! Such a cute mess maker! 

Thinking that she is big stuff because I let her drink out of her sippy cup without the top. Woah, big girl alert! 

Loving her fun Christmas present! We have officially taken over Papaw's house! 

Helping daddy get ready for school! She loves "listening" to everyone's heart with the stethoscope. 

Peek a boo - I spy a little speller in the making! She says random numbers and letters while she plays and it is so cute! She is starting to recognize most of the numbers and several of the letters. She's so smart...just like her daddy grandma mommy. ; )

Little beauty! 

Ringing in the new year together - welcome 2015!!

Sparklers with my little sparkle bug! 

We are looking forward to 2015! We have been so blessed and can't wait to see where God leads us. We've recently joined a new church and gotten involved, we're praying about where we will live next, and we are super excited to welcome another baby to the family. Thank you, Jesus, for 2014 and for a brand new year to make memories! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Christmas 2014

I was so excited about Christmas this year because I felt like Emory would have so much fun AND Justin was off the whole day!! What a blessing! Thank you, Jesus!

We woke up (semi) early on Christmas morning and headed over to Gigi's house for present time. It is so wonderful that the whole family comes here and does Christmas at my grandma's. I'm sure the traditions might change in the years to come, but I'm loving it right now.

A quick picture in her Christmas jammies before we left the house - I love that she was able to wear these last year and this year!

Santa came, santa came! 

Aunt Whitney surrounded by all her goodies! 

Emory wasn't really into unwrapping presents, but she loved playing with the presents after we unwrapped them for her! Haha! 

Putting grandpa to work opening gifts! 

She loved this toy! So cute! 

More clapping - what a fun sweet spirit you are, Emory! 

Milk break! 

Gigi's beautiful tree! 

Grandpa checking out all of his new gifts! 

Playing with her new toys - thanks Grandma and Grandpa! 

Emory can't say "Grandma" yet, so she calls her "Aga." And boy, does she really love her Aga! 

Two of my favorite people in the world!! Emory is so lucky to have such an amazing grandma! 

Cooking with Aga! They are inseparable when together! 

Family jammie shot! 

Love them so much! 

After opening presents, we headed home to get dressed for the day, then headed back over to Gigi's for lunch with the rest of the family. 

While we waited for lunch to be ready, we played outside and had a little photo shoot.

My sweet angel. 

Picture of perfection! 

I loved this dress so much - the color was beautiful on Emory and the crosses reminded us all of what we were celebrating - our Savior! 

Riding her 4-wheeler - she's gonna be a country girl! Maybe. If she stops being scared of dirt and bugs. Haha. 

Love her sweet face. 

And then it was finally lunch time!! Our favorite time! 

Eating lunch with Aga. 

Sisters and best friends! 

Whit and Michael! 

And a little family picture. Merry Christmas! I am SO absolutely blessed! 

Thank you, Jesus, for all that you have done for me. I don't deserve any of your mercy or blessings, but that's the beauty of what You have done, it has nothing to do with me. I have earned nothing. YOU have done it all. YOU have made me righteous through the sacrifice of Your blood.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

We had a fun, relaxing Christmas Eve, just spending time together and getting ready for the next day. We spent the first part of the day hanging out in our jammies. 

 We had to run over to Emily's house so that I could print something and Emory had a blast playing with all of Cammie's toys while she wasn't there! Haha! 

Grams came over to give Emory her Christmas presents and Emory had fun ripping the paper. 

And then standing on all of her presents. Haha. She definitely didn't understand that they were fun things for her. 

After present time, we got ready for the Christmas Eve service at church. We always went to a similar service growing up and I love continuing the tradition with Emory. There's just something about scripture and Christmas carols and dimmed lighting that makes the magic of Christmas come alive. To sing the words of songs that you've been singing all month and really focus on the meaning, on the reason for Christmas, is amazing. Thank you, Jesus! 

But first, we had a little family photo shoot before we left. : )

My two loves. Can't get enough of them! 

So precious! For some reason Emory always poses and smiles with daddy, but never with mommy! No fair! 

Family selfie! I'm so blessed! 

Then I busted out the real camera and snapped a few shots of my sweet girl. 

Little beauty! 

Snack time! 

Love love love her little nativity dress. 

Acting silly instead of smiling! 

My sweet baby girl. 

Grandma and grandpa came in for the Christmas eve service and then we ate at IHOP afterwards. So delicious! Then we hurried Emory to bed so that Santa could come! She had no clue what was going on, but it was still fun to tell her what was going to happen the next morning!