Thursday, July 30, 2015

June 2015 - Part Three

Daily pictures from our days in June:

Babysitting Cammie while Emily was at the doctor quickly became one of our favorite weekly activities! These girls have so much fun together! They were taking turns pushing each other in the stroller. 

Cammie begged to get in the crib and take a nap. Emory also begged to get in, but she just wanted to play and jump. They stayed in there for awhile just hanging out! Poor Cammie wanted to sleep, but Emory made sure that didn't happen! Haha! 

38 weeks pregnant and ready to pop! 

Everyone checking out baby Kinsley. They were in awe of her! 

Being super heroes at story time! 

The three amigos being still and sweet. ; ) 

We built a fort to read in and they thought it was the coolest thing ever! 

Kisses with my sweet baby girl. 

We had a surprise baby shower for Emily and Brook and I just love how many babies they had helping them open presents! Haha! 

So many helpers! They are both expecting baby boys! 

Emory was making baby Caroline laugh and then getting so tickled about that. Of course, we were laughing at it, too, so she thought it was the best thing ever and kept on making her laugh! 

Putting makeup on daddy. I can almost distinctly remember him saying that this would never happen when we first found out we were having a girl. Yeah right! Haha! 

She has daddy wrapped around her finger! : )

39 weeks. Come on baby, Georgia! 

Having a little snack and rest break at the trampoline park. 

As we were leaving the trampoline park, these sillies all wanted to put their glasses on. Little divas in the making! But how cute are they?!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Finishing Touches on Our House

The last few weeks of June were filled with the finishing touches on our new house! 

June 17th - the last of our fixtures were in and the appliances were installed! 

Checking out the upstairs room! Sweet little loves! This is Emory's favorite place in the house! Haha! 

Country living. I adore this girl and this picture so much! 

So excited about her new house and all of her room to play! 

"Welcome to my new house!" She loves going out there to see the house! 

It was such a cloudy overcast day - it made our house colors just pop! 

June 21 - the house got cleaned up! Look at those shiny concrete floors! 

June 24 - we have sod! Not in the entire yard, but still, sod! Haha! 

June 28 - Justin and Karl decided to seed the yard. Team work! Haha! 

June 29 - our pod got delivered and Justin and Papaw started unpacking it! 

June 30 - slowly beginning to unpack! Woohoo! 

Now you might be asking, wait a minute, didn't you skip the part about closing on the house? Or where's the picture of us smiling and signing papers? Well, the whole process has really been a big hot mess. We were planning to close July 1, but our closing got delayed because of our appraisal. What could have been a nightmare for this super pregnant momma, turned into such a blessing because of our wonderful builder. He agreed to let us go ahead and move into the house since we would be welcoming a baby within a week! Praise Jesus for taking care of us and answering our prayers, which were to just be in the house by the time baby arrived! 

Needless to say, the first week of July was a rush of us moving and unpacking. Justin worked SO hard getting everything done and setup and ready. He's such a great hubby!! I didn't take any other pictures of the unpacking process or the house because, let's be honest, at 40 weeks pregnant that was the last thing on my mind! : ) 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Father's Day 2015

Emory and I took some cute pictures for Justin for Father's Day so that he could hang them in his locker at the fire station. 

She thought it was SO MUCH FUN to dress up in daddy's clothes! 

Daddy's little girl. 

Love love love! 

She loves her daddy! 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Weekend with Aga and Grandpa

The weekend of June 19th, Emory and I hopped into the car and headed to spend the weekend with Aga and Grandpa. Sadly, Justin had to work, but we were excited to spend our first weekend at Grandpa's house! 

As soon as we got to town, we headed to the ZOO! It was a hot and steamy day with periods of rain, so it was horribly humid, but we managed to still have a blast! 

Pointing out animals. She really enjoyed seeing everything! 

Looking at the big turtle, just like her shirt. She kept saying, "Look at my shirt, turtles."

What a sweet sweet zoo girl. Loving every second of it! 

The zoo has a brand new splash pad and these two had fun trying it out! 

Aga is always such a good sport! Emory is so blessed with a grandma who really plays with her and isn't afraid of being fun and silly! 

A perfect cool off on a hot day! 

Two cute pandas! 

And the cutest little panda I've ever seen! 

There was also a petting zoo and look who we found just in time to feed the donkey - Aunt Whitney! Aka "Whickey." Haha. We love how Emory says her name! 

Feeding the baby cows. Emory was a little scared to actually feed them, but she enjoyed passing the food to someone else to feed them. Haha. 

And then it was time for a little zoo boat ride! 

Emory loved the boat ride! 

We then headed to the mall to ride the fabulous carousel! How fancy is this?!

Having SO much fun! 

She liked the giraffe because he didn't go up and down like the other animals. 

This ended up being her favorite spot, just sitting on the bench. I think that she rode 5 or 6 times! Obsessed much? Haha! 

Aga's turn to ride! 

After dinner, we headed back to Grandpa's house and spent the evening going through all of his stuff. He has lots of our old toys in one of his extra rooms and Emory loved pulling everything out to play with. She was such a champ and slept so great. I'm so thankful for a good sleeper! 

The next morning we headed to the children's museum to enjoy some air conditioned play time. ; ) It was really neat and had a lot of things for kids to do. Emory had a blast and we stayed there for hours! 

Riding the canoe! There was a big tv screen right in front that showed whoever was in the canoe. Emory thought it was amazing that she was on "the tb!"

Taking a little ride in the police car, just like Aunt B! 

Picture time! This thing was so neat. You press the button and then strike a pose. It takes a picture with a big flash and your shadow is on the backdrop. 

The Cafe! This is where Emory spent almost all of her time, running back and forth between the kitchen and the counter. She was such a great server! 

Ringing up our lunch! 

And taking a little break to enjoy a bite with Aga. 

They also had a big fire station that was so neat! You could climb up the stairs and slide down the pole, just like real firefighters! Emory loves firefighters! 

The museum was SO neat and really had some fun things!

We spent the rest of the evening at Grandpa's house. Aga was at Emory's beck and call and Emory loved it. And I sure did love getting to sit and rest! : ) They colored, played with blocks, and read a ton of books. 

Before we left the next morning, they decided to play a quick game of twister. So cute! 

We had an absolute blast at Grandpa's house and can't wait to go back soon! Thanks for all of the fun, Aga and Grandpa!