Sunday, May 24, 2015

Karl and Candace's Rehearsal & Dinner

On Friday, April 17th, we headed down to Alexandria to start the fabulous wedding weekend of Karl and Candace. First up was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. 

I always love rehearsals since they are the night before the "real deal" and you can just feel the excitement and love in the air. It was fun to get to walk through the wedding and see Candace and Karl giddy over each other. We showed Emory how to walk down the aisle and throw flowers. She loved walking down the aisle and holding her basket. She thought she was so special! Haha! 

Of course I didn't think to snap any pictures during the actual rehearsal (hey, I was trying to be a Matron of Honor and watch my wild child!), but I did get a few quick shots afterward! 

Sweet baby so happy to see her Aga and Grandpa! They were awesome and came down on Friday to watch Emory so that I could focus on Candace! 

Love her sweet face! 

Ready to get changed into play clothes so she can go play!! 

The beautiful bride-to-be! 

Little lovebirds! 

Once the rehearsal was over, we headed to Cajun Landing for a fabulous dinner! 

Delicious menu! The white chocolate bread pudding was AMAZING!! 

Candace and the bridesmaids! I love all of our bright fun colors! 

The future Mr. and Mrs. Wulf! 

Last kiss before they are husband and wife!! 

Candace and her gorgeous mommy, who did all the amazing planning! 

Karl getting some last minute wedding advice from his Best Man. Love this! Haha! 

And one final hug before they precious!! 

From there, we headed back to the church to finish decorating for the wedding! 

Alyse and Micah laid out all the rose petals. I was lucky and got to sit this job out since I could barely bend over. Haha. 

And where's Candace you might ask???

Oh just being her normal self...ASLEEP! Hahahaha! 

Only ONE MORE NIGHT until the wedding! Woohoo! 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Candace's Bachelorette Weekend

The weekend of April 10th, we headed to Biloxi, MS to celebrate Candace's bachelorette bash! She was getting married the next week and we were ready for a little girl time together! We stayed for the weekend and had a lot of fun relaxing and talking and spending time together. I was nervous to leave Emory for two nights, but she did so great! 

The view from our amazing room! 

Alyse made the cutest little beach gifts for everyone! 

And she also made some delicious treats! The cupcakes and strawberries were divine! 

27 weeks pregnant and ready for the Gary Allan concert! 

My beautiful bride bestie! 

Best friends forever. 

Just hanging out with our main man, Gary. He was so excited to see us! ; )

We seriously had so much trouble finding someone who could take a decent picture, so we opted for a few silly selfies instead! 

Breakfast the next morning on the balcony! Such a great view! 

The bride-to-be ready to hit the beach! 

We had a little surprise lingerie shower for Candace and her reaction was so cute! yummy! 

Beach time! 

Let's take a picture. But first, let me fix my hair. 

Love this woman so dang much! Best friends through it all. 

Candace and Alyse - love them! 

It's always so much fun getting to spend time together! It doesn't happen enough! 

My favorite little Alysie bug! 

Beach life! 

It was fun to get some relaxing girl time in before the big wedding day! 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

What Emory Wore #6

I love snapping pictures of my sweet girl with the "nice camera." It's a lot of work to get some good pictures, but it's so worth it. I can only imagine how much more complicated this will get with two little girls around! Haha! 

Sweetest little face. 

That little stern look and pout - I love it! 

We are working on "look at the camera and smile!" It rarely works, but sometimes it does! 

Usually I get a lot of little silly faces like this. Such a doll! 

I would probably be embarrassed if anyone heard what all I say to get her to look at me! Haha! Things like, "Look, a bug! Mommy has a booger! Look at mommy's tongue!" And on and on and on until something works. Haha. 

Sweet little tulip dress. My favorite flower on my favorite firstborn. 

Silly willy! 

Refusing to look at mommy! Little stinker! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

April 2015 - Part One

Here's some pictures of what we were up to in the beginning of April! 

A little picnic with friends after a trip to Sci-Port! Emory, Abbie, Kaylee, and Grayson. Kaylee's smile is so sweet! 

One day it was really quiet in the house and this is where we found Emory - in the pantry snacking! What a little stinker! Haha! 

Now that the weather is finally nice (when it's not raining) we spend almost all day outside! 

My sweet little girl. Days with her are so wonderful. 

Park play date with Abbie and Rylee! 

The Sonic near us just put in a new playground and Emory LOVES climbing to the very top...and then yelling, "Mommy, I stuck!" Sometimes I'm lucky and there's a big kid to help her down. Sometimes I'm not so lucky and I have to go climbing after her. Haha. 

Having a little snack outside - fun dip from Aga! 

Something new that she thinks is so funny - saying "one leg" and standing on one leg. What a mess! 

My favorite little companion. 

Emory spent the day with Aga, Grandpa, and Gigi and my mom texted me this picture - Emory was so exhausted that she fell asleep swinging! That NEVER happens! 

Going to Braelyn's 16th birthday party while mommy was out of town. Justin was so proud of how cute he dressed Emory...and for how well he did her hair! Good job, daddy!

Photo prop sillies. Such cuties! 

Another day with daddy. I loved that Justin kept sending me pictures while I was gone. I sure did miss my two little love bunnies! 

She was absolutely giddy about this applesauce! I don't even know if she liked if that much or if she just had fun playing with it, but she couldn't stop giggling! 

Doing her "one leg" trick again. She's starting to realize when she does something that makes us laugh and then she does it over and over and over to get more laughs from us! 

Story time bubbles! 

Hula hooping! 

Picnic lunch! 

Love this picture so much! It's so important for moms to get in the picture, too! 

Forgive the horrible quality picture, but one day I had to wake Emory up from her nap and she would NOT get up. She was sleeping so hard and I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures! Usually she wakes up as soon as we open the door, so this was so shocking to me! I rubbed her back, talked to her, and took her paci out and she stayed sound asleep! 

And one more just because sleeping pictures are the sweetest thing ever!