Friday, January 30, 2015

Baby Mackey #2

We found out some pretty exciting news at the end of October...

...Baby Mackey #2 is on the way!! Emory is going to be a big sister!! 

We started talking about baby #2 this summer and knew that we were getting pretty close to being ready to expand our family. In September we decided we were officially "ready" and put it into God's hands. We found out October 25, 2014 that baby #2 was on the way and would tentatively arrive in July 2015! 

I drew Justin a picture and told him that Emory had colored something for him. It was us as a family (me pregnant) in front of a firetruck and said "new rookie candidate coming July 2015." It took Justin a few seconds to get it...haha! The first thing he said when he looked at it was, "Good job, Emory. This is pretty." Men! But he finally got it! ; ) 

We told our parents by making them cards "from Emory" that invited them to the birth of their second grandchild/Emory's brother or sister. They were so excited! 

I snapped this cute picture to send to our friends! I can't believe that Emory is going to be a big sister! And how cute is her sweet little belly?! I love it! 

We had our first appointment on November 18 and everything looked perfect. I always have a little bit of fear and anxiety before an ultrasound after our miscarriage history, but this time around I feel like I have a lot more peace. I trust God's plan for our lives and for this baby's life and know that there are no better hands that this baby could be in. 

When we went in for the first appointment, I walked into the exam room and saw this...

It's a birth announcement board and Emory's announcement is on it! I've been in their office multiple times since having Emory and I've never seen it, so it was really amazing for me to see it as soon as I walked in. I really did feel God's presence in that moment and couldn't help but tear up and worship our Lord. He is so faithful and loving. I knew that He was telling me to let go of all of my fear and lean on Him; that He was in control and has a plan for this baby, no matter what. Thank you, Jesus, for providing peace and comfort to a mother's scared heart. 

We are so excited about our second baby and can't wait to see how crazy life gets with two!! 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

October 2014 Part Two

A few more pictures from our October days. Life is so much fun with my sweet girl! 

Kisses after church! 

Love my beautiful girl so much! I feel like mommas don't get in the picture enough so I love these times when I get the two of us together! 

FaceTiming with Aunt Pam and Brae! They are crazy! 

Her favorite place to sit while I'm doing things in the kitchen. She wants to see what I'm doing and make sure she doesn't get left out of anything fun! Haha! 

Ball pit fun with Cammie! These two are so fun! 

Cammie just laid back like this for awhile and kept was hilarious! 

Emory wanted to join in on the fun! 

Then she wanted to show me where Cammie's belly button was! 

A good daddy paints his daughter's nails! Not very prettily, but Emory didn't mind! ; )

Coloring with Cammie! 

Sweet LSU baby! 

Crazy girl just wanted to lay on the rug! She kept moving it to a new place and then laying down on it! Such a silly girl! 

Sliding! She loves being outside so much! 

Coloring at the library! 

Riding her new toy from grandma and grandpa! She was having a blast! 

Cutest little out daddy, you're in trouble in about 15 years! 

Beep beep - precious driver coming through! 

When grandma and grandpa are in town, she gets ALL the attention. Haha. I just thought this was so funny as I sat at the other end of the driveway - all of the the adults going back and forth with her. Spoiled rotten! 

Afternoons at Cammie's are our favorite - especially when hiding in the curtain is involved! 

Where's Cammie?!

Learning to ride her bike with daddy!

Such a good daddy - because that hurts my back after about a minute. Haha! 

Emily and Cammie live on a dead end street and so we let the girls walk and explore a lot. One day they just climbed right up in the chairs on a neighbor's front porch and started rocking! I guess we need to teach them some manners. Haha. 

Chick-fil-A play time! They can't really do much in the play area yet, but they love running around and watching the other kids! 

Double trouble...always! 

Showing off her cute Halloween dress right after nap time! 

Goodbye October, you were such a great month! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

October 2014 Part One

I take SO many pictures with my phone each month. A lot are not necessarily blog worthy or the best quality, but they truly capture all of the fun and crazy moments of our days. Here's my favorites from the first half of October:

Selfies with my sweet girl! 

Love my little family so much! 

We had a little blown tire incident and luckily Emily and Cammie were following us! So they stopped on the side of the road with us and the babies hung out in the back while the tire got repaired! 

Four year anniversary date night! Love my hubby! 

We went to eat cupcakes one day and Emory just had a meltdown about something. I mean, it's so sad when your mean mother forces you to eat delicious cupcakes! Haha! Babies! 

Playing in the backyard with grandma! 

She was mad about taking a picture, but I can't help but adore that sweet pouty lip! 

Emory became obsessed with colors around this time and spent most of her free time coloring. Obviously she's super talented at it already! ; )

Sweet Saints girl! 

Giving daddy a big hug when he came home from hunting! 

My little baby doll! The only way I could get a clear picture was to prop her up on the back of the rocking chair so she couldn't go anywhere. Haha! 

Dinner was apparently really delicious this night!! 

Who needs a fork?!

Play date and practicing taking turns and sharing! 

Swinging with Abbie! This was the cutest thing watching them together. They loved it! 

We spend most afternoons with Cammie and they were entranced by the bubbles! Apparently they were putting Cammie to sleep! Haha! 

"Please let us in!"

Our little monkey loves to swing swing swing! 

Shopping with Cammie! 

Best little friends. So adorable. 

About to hit the play area at Chick fil A! She was pointing at her shoes for me to take them off. Yes ma'am! 

In the play area having a blast! She thought it was so funny to press our faces together through the plastic! 

Knock knock...who's there?! 

She managed to climb up a level, but then got stuck. She couldn't go higher and couldn't get down. So...

Momma to the rescue! That place isn't really made for adults! Haha! 

Little sassy pants with one of her favorite things - an ICEE! YUM!