Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015 - Part One

Here's a little bit of what we were up to in the beginning of March:

We officially decided on a name for baby girl #2 - Georgia Kate! And the cute personalized items have already started arriving!! ; )

We love Sci-Port $3 days! We went with some friends and they always have so much fun! 

The lady was so nice and gave Emory her own bracelet (they give each mom one) when she asked for one. I love when people go above and beyond with little things like that. It made her so happy! She kept saying, "I have a bracelet, mommy!" 

Prissy pants! She loves throwing the balls! 

Emory officially has enough hair now to put into a ponytail! I can't believe it!! She used to be a bald baby! 

Being silly with Georgia Kate! 

I'm not sure that she really gets what is going to happen when Georgia arrives, but she definitely knows that she is in my belly! So sweet! 

Chasing ducks with her bff, Cammie! 

They were SO stinking cute giggling and running after the ducks. 

Is this not the sweetest picture ever?! They used to just lean in towards each other when we would tell them to give each other a hug, but now they wrap their arms around each other! So cute!! 

These two really are the cutest! 

23 weeks! I felt like I "popped" all of a sudden and really started showing.

We finally started having some warm days and we are loving it!! 

This girl is a total outside baby! She just loves being outside so much! 

Story time and bubbles! 

I was attempting to put on some of Emory's summer clothes to see if they fit, but she decided that she wanted to do it. She said, "I do it ma-self." I have no idea where she learned that, but it was SO cute! I'm sure I'll get tired of hearing that pretty quickly, but I couldn't stop laughing as she kept repeating it! 

She thought she was so cute and funny because I was laughing so much! 

More outside play time! 

Obsessed with cups and ice! 

She was jumping and saying, "TA DA!" Love her little personality so much! 

Another picture of "I do it ma-self!" Haha! 

Thank you, Jesus, for this lovely March weather! We are so grateful! 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

February 2015 - Part Two

Here's a few more pictures of what we did in February:

Opening gifts! She wasn't sure what to think!

Loving all of her new presents! She would "help" me open a gift and then immediately sit down and play with it. Haha! 

Someone is loved! Thanks for all the great gifts everyone! She got a lot of great new books! 

One day when Justin came home from work he surprised me with these two special treats! What a great hubby! He definitely knows the way to my heart - chocolate! : )

Sometimes it is just tough to be two. ; )

Sweet little girl running errands with mommy! 

We had a family ice cream date and Emory was loving it, as evidenced by the ice cream on her face! Haha! 

Trying on her flower girl dress for Aunt Candy's wedding! 

Little baby beauty! 

Daddy was a sucker and actually put in money for her to ride in the mall toy. 

"I drive, mommy!" Such a little cutie! 

Playing at Kid City with daddy! 

Justin was a trooper and climbed all around the jungle gym with Emory. Needless to say, he was tired afterward. Haha. But Emory just loved having him up there with her! 

Cutest luggage ever!! 

Stacking blocks! She loves to make a tall tower and then knock it down and laugh! 

Trying on swimsuits for summer! Warm weather, please come soon! 

February was a fun month for us, but it was looooong with the dreary weather. We are looking forward to some sunshine and lots of time playing outside! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Louisiana Snow Days

At the end of February, we got QUITE the surprise - a couple of snow days in Louisiana! We rarely, if ever, get snow. It's usually sleet or ice, but this was real actual snow! It started out as sleet and ice, but turned to snow a day or two later. It was unreal to see the snow falling! We bundled Emory up and let her play for a little bit outside, which she loved! She kept begging me to go "play in the snowman." Haha! 

Playing outside with daddy! This was more of the "ice day."

Cutest little snow bunny! 

She loved eating the ice and snow! 

"Look mommy! Ice!" 

Play time! She seriously loved being out in it! 

A little snack. Haha. 

Who rides their 4-wheeler down the street during an ice storm?! That would be MY redneck husband. Haha. He's such a country boy! 

Such a sweet face! 

Our attempt at sledding - and Emory was not a fan! Haha! Hence why this is the only picture! 

Bundled up! She could barely walk! Haha! 


Snow beauty! 

Two days later, it was really SNOWING! So we had to bundle up and head back outside for more play time. At first Emory was a little scared of the falling snow, but she got over it quickly and loved it. She kept saying, "Snow on mommy! Snow on Emory!" 

I just "snow" that she is the cutest thing ever!! ; ) That one was for you, Lis! 

You can see the snow falling!! In Louisiana! It was real! 

Snow snuggles! 

And lots of snow kisses! 

She might want to move up north - she loved the snow! 

"Snow on Emory!"

Watching her explore and learn is my favorite thing!! 

Sweetest little footprints. 

Throwing snowballs! This was her favorite thing to do! 

This should be a Christmas post card! Haha! 

Justin didn't get home from work until the "heavy" snow fall was over, but we still got to play outside in it a little bit once he was home. 

So blessed with this beautiful family. 

Next, it was time to make snow ice cream! Except we didn't have any sugar. Who doesn't have sugar, right?! Apparently us. So we had to improvise with powdered sugar and milk and vanilla. 

So excited for "I cream!"

And it was...pretty disgusting. Haha. Apparently real sugar is a must when making snow ice cream. 

Emory didn't mind, though. She wanted to eat it anyway! This girl is an ice cream lover! 

It sure does look pretty! 

Ice cream kisses! 

We really did love and enjoy our snow days! It was so neat to see it legitimately snow and to get to experience it with Emory! However, I am really glad that we live in the south where it doesn't happen much. It's hard being cooped up indoors with a toddler who just wants to go outside! Haha! We will take our one snow day every couple of years. ; )