Saturday, April 17, 2010

...And there's only 24 left...

24 weeks that is!!! 24 weeks until Justin and I say "I DO!" 24 weeks until I get to wear my big white poofy dress. 24 weeks until life changes forever! And I cannot wait. Justin and I count the weeks and days down religiously...we are super excited. I haven't updated in awhile because nothing has really been going on. I am at a wedding standstill. Ha. I know there are things that I should be doing, but I just can't seem to really get motivated. We did actually decide on a photographer and a videographer in the last few weeks, so that has been a relief! I am SO thrilled about both. Our photographer is Brandon O'Neal. He has done several couples that I know and I am literally in LOVE with all of his pictures. Our videographer is a husband and wife couple. They are so laid back and nice. I can't wait to work with all of them!! I was planning to go to Monroe and pick out invitations this weekend with my mom, but a little unplanned sickness halted those plans! So I think this week we will look at invitations and hopefully decide on one!

The journey of engagement and wedding planning is truly amazing. I go through so many emotions. It is so exciting to have this time in our lives to plan and focus on our love, to count the days down until we are husband and wife. We are anxious for the wedding, but we are really enjoying all of the details. I have not even been a crazy bride. : ) Really, I haven't!! It is really exciting though, to plan for such a big change. It is such a unique experience and there are so many unique emotions and we get to experience them together for the first time. Justin is truly an amazing, supportive fiance'. I could not ask for anything more. I love that man!

Justin is starting to try to make me go through my clothes and make room for him. Otherwise, he will be living out of the guest room! Haha. I just hope he realizes what a HUGE sacrifice this get rid of clothing!! : ) I can't wait for this to be OUR house. I can't wait to come home and spend my days with this wonderful man! I am starting to read a book that my dear friend Lissie gave me, called The Bride's Handbook, and it is truly wonderful. It is a spiritual journey that goes along with planning a wedding. And that truly is the most important thing...our walk with God through all of this. We want to start our marriage out with GOD as the center. We want to model our love for each other after Christ's love for us. That's the only way that our marriage will be successful.