Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bridesmaids and Invitations and Parties...OH MY!

Sooooo, yes it has been QUITE awhile since my last post. It seems that I am taking after my dear friends Melissa and Jen. ; ) There has been SO much going on since I last updated! As of yesterday, 6/2/10, there are exactly FOUR MONTHS until our wedding day! That's about 18 weeks! So crazy, considering that when we first got engaged we started at 30 weeks. We are almost halfway there!! YAYYYYYY!

One major accomplishment we have made is that all of my bridesmaids have officially ordered their dresses! Though it was quite an ordeal and everyone ended up paying a different amount somehow, it is DONE! I am so excited that I get to have these 6 wonderful girls in my wedding! Each one of them is so special to me and I could not ask for better bridesmaids or more amazing people to take part in this day with Justin and I. My sister, Whitney, is my maid of honor. She is truly the most amazing sister and one amazing young lady! I love her so much! Can't wait to be in your wedding, Whit! ; ) Then, there are my college best friends, Melissa, Candace, and Alyse. Melissa has been a role model to me, a best friend, and now the mother of my niece, Savannah. I watched her live out her love story, and it is so wonderful for her to get to help me live out mine! She's my favorite person to wedding talk with because she gets SO excited! : ) Candace has been my absolute BEST FRIEND for the past 4 or so years. We have gone through some very lows together...and now are going through some highs together! We both got engaged within a month of each other, so we easily transitioned into wedding mode together! Alyse, aka A-nug, has been my other pea in the pod since I met her the first year of college. We went through nursing school together, spending our whole days together, so I am SO thrilled that she will be there holding my hand in October. : ) She is the one that I can talk to about love AND work, and she gets all my crazy nursing stories! My friend Nikki is also a bridesmaid. She is a more recent friend of mine. I met her working in the ER at Schumpert. We work together about 40 hours a week, so she has become like family! She is expecting her first child right now, so it has been REALLY wonderful to go through some major life changes together! I can't wait to meet sweet Shayleigh Grace! My last bridesmaid is Justin's sister, Brittany. She is SO sarcastic and funny, very similar to my sense of humor! I can't wait to be able to call her sister! : ) WOW...I didn't really plan to go on that much about them, but my bridesmaids truly are amazing, so I just coudn't help it! (My other bff, Shannon, is still considered a bridesmaid to me, too! Love you boo!) I just think it is amazing that when I am standing on the altar next to my sweet soulmate, that I can look behind me and see the faces of my BEST friends in the world! Thank you ALL for being in my wedding!!

This was my inspiration for my bridesmaid dresses, and I am PRETTY thrilled because they look similar and are going to be fabulous!! Hot pink with a black bow, from Alfred Angelo!

Some other things that I have accomplished: we decided on and ordered our wedding invitations. They should be in sometime in the next two weeks! : ) (Get ready to tie some bows, friends!) We also booked a hotel for our wedding night, the Hilton in downtown Shreveport! It is going to be SO wonderful and I am thrilled that we finally made a decision about it! Not that we will be there for long, since we probably won't get there until 10 pm and we are going to have to leave for the airport around 4 am. Oh, joy! We also have finalized our guest list and made appointments for our cake, engagement pictures, and my bridal pictures! We decided on our first dance song, but I must keep it a secret at this time! ; ) In June, we have several things to accomplish: we meet with the baker about our cake, we shoot our "Love Story" video, and we plan to go and register for some goodies! Justin can't hardly wait...haha! I can't wait to marry that sweet boy!

I have been able to do some very fun things this past month! I love having a job that allows me to go on trips and spend time with my family and friends!! One of the MAJOR events that we attended was Miss Savannah Grace's first birthday party!!

We got there early...and poor Justin had to work like a slave!

The birthday princess enjoying her birthday cake!

I also finally got to meet the precious Jackson!

This is Savannah busting a move on her birthday! (Thanks to Shan's teaching, I'm sure!)

This is why there is always a piece of my heart in Pineville! : )

We also went to Shan's graduation party! So proud of my sweet Shanny girl for graduating from LC!! You are absolutely amazing my friend! There has never been a woman with as BIG of a heart as my wonderful Shanny!

We also went to Caddo Lake for Justin's SURPRISE birthday weekend present! We got to explore the town of Jefferson and go on a fishing trip! It was SO much fun!

Blowing out his birthday candles! (He didn't want a cake, promise!)

Us at 6 am getting ready to go fishing!

Beautiful Caddo Lake! It was stunning!

Happy birthday to my sweet love bunny!

We also got to go on a trip to Hot Springs, AR with some of Justin's friends...who are truly quite amazing! We had SO much fun! We went shopping, golfing, and to Magic Springs Amusement Park! It was wonderful and we can't wait to go back!

Showing Justin how to golf : )

Okay, okay...he beat me by ONE stroke!

Out to eat!

Boys will ALWAYS be boys!

I also got to go to Bayou Country Superfest with my bff's Alyse and Candy, but for some reason those pictures won't upload, so I'm gonna take that as my cue to go to bed! Hope you ALL have a wonderful day tomorrow!! I PRAISE MY LORD JESUS for His many blessings in my life: my family, my friends, my fiance', my health, my job, my puppies, and my spirituality!