Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

I remember growing up that we always looked forward to Halloween and going trick or treating. We had such a close group of families in the neighborhood and we would all dress up and go together. My mom always went with us and we only went to the houses that we knew. As we got older and "too cool" to go trick or treating, we would still dress up and sit outside our house to pass out candy. I really do have some great memories that go with Halloween and our family. Today, unfortunately, Justin and I both have to work. No trick or treating for us!

Last night, Justin and I went to the State Fair. It was QUITE the experience. Not only was it packed, but there were some interesting people there, to say the least. It did disturb me that one of the prizes that they gave to little kids was guns...a little weird to be walking around with all these kids holding and shooting toy guns. Maybe NOT a good choice State Fair. It was really fun though, and we enjoyed spending time with Justin's aunt and her daughter. Last year at the fair was the first time Justin told me he loved me...on the ferris wheel. Ahhhh, sweet memories! And now we are just an old married couple. Ha.

This past Friday, I went down to Pineville for some good ole' BFF time. We went to lunch at our fave place and then we spent some time carving pumpkins. It was definitely a blast and every time I go to Pineville, I never want to leave. Can we move there??? PLEASE???

My besties!

Pumpkin patch baby!

Me with last year's reigning pumpkin carving queen!

Our pumpkins! (No, they don't spell anything out!)

Be safe tonight!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Jump Up and Ride!

Hiiiii all!!
This is definitely my second blog this month, not mentioning any names (cough cough MELISSA!) I swear some people just don't take the time to update us on their lives. : )

Not much has been going on lately, we have been working a lot. On the week that Justin goes in to the fire station, he is gone to the station every other night. While it is very sad and I miss him A LOT, it is also a good way to make us appreciate the nights that we get to be together.

Justin bought a new truck this past week. It is FI-YA. He is pretty stoked about it, kinda like a little kid on Christmas morning. So cute.

It isssss pretty nice, don't cha think??

That's all for now, got a long work week ahead. Oh, how I love my days off.

Happy Monday!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Extra, all about it!

Soooo, in case you haven't heard...I am officially MARRIED now!! You may now call me Mrs. Megan Mackey! Justin and I got married on 10/2/10. We had the most fabulous wedding in the whole world. It was truly unbelievable and breathtaking. We then went to Jamaica for our honeymoon. We got back late Monday night and we are slowly getting adjusted to living together and working again. It is SO good to finally say that this is "our house." I will post more about our wedding later, but I just wanted to share some of my thoughts from the week before the wedding, words that I wrote out so that I could always treasure them and try to remember how I was feeling:

I started off one single soul, a solitary being. Formed with love by God, He brought me up in His truth and His way. For years, I prayed for my future husband. I remember praying with my mom about who I would marry and that he was being raised to love the Lord at the same time that I was. I cannot fathom God's knowledge, power, and love. As he made me, piece by piece, he then proceeded to make my counterpart. Little by little, we were crafted, for only each other, a perfect fit. God took into account everything...our sense of humor, our fears, our attitudes, EVERY little piece. Just that in itself is a miracle and a blessing from our Savior. It doesn't end there though. God then lead us to each other...through all of our mistakes, our tears, our joys. Step by step, He showed us the way to each other. And I have never been so grateful. Justin is everything that I could ever want or need. He is the opposite of me, and yet just like me at the same time. Through all the years of my life, I could have never imagined how precious our love would be. In just a few days, we will be
married. We will be ONE FLESH. No longer two individuals, but ONE. We will share our life together, share our joys and our sorrows, share our hurts and our fears. We will raise a family together. My whole being is full of emotion. I am overjoyed, excited, anxious, nervous, happy, scared, grateful, etc...I wish that there was a way to bottle this feeling and remember it forever. It is like adrenaline coursing through my body, reminding me of how much I love this sweet man. Dear Lord, please help me to NEVER take my husband for granted, to love him as you have loved me, to trust him with my life, to shower him with praise. Lord, show me how to be the best wife that I can be. Let us always remember these feelings, this time...when we are literally DESPERATE to finally be husband and wife. Bless our us how to complete each other as we serve
you. Let us never forget that we were MADE by YOU for each other.

So yeah, there we go, all my feelings out in the open. But, that is what a wedding will do to you. It's crazy!! More to come soon, as I know that you all desperately wait in anguish. Love to all!

A little preview of wedding pics, which are soon to come: