Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Birthday Princess!

Today is my little sister's birthday!!
Happy birthday to Whitty!!
I love you and I hope you have a great first (and hopefully only!) birthday being engaged!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So, I have some confessions:

- I may or may not have stayed in my pajamas all day. Let's go with may. Whatever.
- I might have only eaten Sonic cheesesticks, a bag of cheetos, and a Starbucks frappucino today. And yes, that means that I did indeed go to Sonic and Starbucks today in my pajamas. However, I still think that it is a well-balanced meal. : )
- I accidentally forgot to clean the house like I said I was going to today.
- I somehow managed to play on the computer and watch Lifetime ALL day. Like I'm talking ALL day long people, no lie.

My excuse? Tomorrow is my birthday. The fam is coming in town and we are going to be shopping, looking for a wedding dress for my sis, and eating a lot. So really, today I absolutely HAD to have a lazy day. Plus, love bunny was at work. So what else did I have to do??

I Love...

I absolutely looooove...
getting woken up by my husband with a kiss.
1) It is sweet, HE is sweet
2) It puts me in a good mood for the day
3) It means I'm off and getting to sleep in! Wooo!

I think that #3 is my favorite reason. Don't tell love bunny though.
: )

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Challenge

I went to Starbucks today. It was truly quite delicious. That is all.

What I really am here to say is that today God urged me to go out of my way to do something nice for someone. Truly urged me. Shamefully, I admit he had to give me several nudges. However, I did the good deed and after I was driving down the road and listening to K-Love, which is my ultimate jam (that's for you, Shan!), and this song came on with lyrics that go:
"Here I am, Lord send me, somehow my story is a part of Your plan, here I am." God is funny, ya know. He will just stick this tiny little thought in your head and then He will provide things in life that validate that thought! I love God! Haha. Anyways, listening to the song really made me start thinking about the actual WORDS and the meaning of those words. How would we change, how would our lives change, if we truly meant those words...Lord send me! If we were truly open to being a soldier of the Lord at all times!! What it means to me is that in ANY situation, in ANY environment, at ANY time, I am committing to God that I am willing to do His work, even if I don't know how or why I am doing it.

"Somehow my story is a part of Your plan..."
Sometimes I think that my testimony and my life would not help lead anyone to Christianity because I have been so blessed. I have not had to endure terrible trials as some do. However, I need to accept that ALL DAY, EVERY DAY God can use ME and MY life to put a seed of His love into someone else's life, if I'm willing to say "Lord, here I am, use me!!"

So, I'd like to challenge anyone who reads this to do the same. Ask God, BEG God, to use you whenever and wherever He work, at the store, on facebook, at McDonald's!

Are we really this old?

So today, well actually it'll be yesterday since it's after midnight, on November 17, 2010, my baby sister officially became a fiance'!! They have been anxiously awaiting this for SEVERAL months and I am so thrilled for them!! : ) I can't wait to have a brother-in-law!

Justin and I drove to Monroe for the occasion. Whitney had no idea that we were all getting together for it was precious to surprise her and all be together to celebrate! I was thinking how fast life goes...... Are we really old enough to be married/engaged?? Apparently so!

I really am beyond thrilled for them and I can't wait for their wedding.
It's June 25. Save the date. : )

Their engagement cake!

My sweet hubby!
The soon-to-be Carr's!
Mi familia.
I can't wait to see what the future holds! So many memories to make! Praise be to our Heavenly Father for all of his blessings!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nap Time

So the other night, Justin and I walked into the living room and found this nice surprise:

So precious, I know!

Sweet little Wendy had climbed into this basket of blankets, which is not actually supposed to be a dog bed. I don't really love the idea of the dog sleeping on the blankets that I use when I am cold.
However, it was quite chilly in the house and we decided that the sweet babies needed some new places to sleep. Justin, being the sweet daddy that he is, went out and bought some new beds for our little loves. They absolutely love them and they try to run and go lay down first so that the other dogs cannot steal their bed. It's quite hilarious.

Diesel on one of the beds...
Notice, JUSTIN went out to buy them, which would explain why they are both camo.


What a sweet little daddy they have!!

I love this man and these three little snuggly bears! They look so cozy and warm!!