Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thoughts from a Thursday

First of all, if you are not following A.E. Jones...go follow her here!! She just needs a few more followers to reach her goal. She's pretty amazing and funny, plus she's gorgeous!

I haven't really done anything today that warrants an amazing blog post, so I thought I'd just share some random thoughts...(no pictures today, sorry!)

- Why do people insist on going through the drive thru at Sonic when there are already TEN cars in line?? No lie, today I pulled up at Sonic and there was a line wrapping around the building for the drive thru. Being the smart person I am, I pulled into one of the slots (is that the right name??), ordered, got my drink, and left. When I left, all of those cars were still in the drive thru. I just don't get don't have to get out of your car either way!!

- Have you ever found a new blog that you just love, then read through several posts and the "about me" part, then commented once/twice/multiple times?? Days later, you see that person has commented on other people's blogs and has become a follower on several other blogs recently, yet has never responded/commented/followed you back?? Am I the only person that this has happened to?? And am I the only sensitive person who gets their feelings hurt?? Like hey, what is wrong with MY blog?!! At least give me a comment people!!

- I am totally loving Taylor Swift's new cd. I'm not ashamed. She writes all her own lyrics, and I think they're pretty awesome. Example: "she's not a saint and she's not what you think, she's an actress/she's better known for the things that she does on the mattress." I happen to think this is hilarious, especially because I think the person she wrote it about KNOWS that she is talking to them. : ) Gotta love that.

- We are totally unsure of what we are doing for New Years Eve. I am off all day and hubby gets off at 3. Are we losers??

- That baked ravioli we had last night?? It was AMAZING. Hubby said it was the best thing ever. Recipe here! (I could put up some pictures, but I would have to get up).

I think that about sums it up for today! I hope everyone has a great time ringing in the New Year! Be safe! Remember to give God thanks for letting you have another year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday Time

It's already time for WILW with Jamie again! I love these days!

I am loving all of my fabulous new presents: hubby got me a home soda maker, a frappe maker, and a super amazing toothbrush that cleans itself after every brush! (Yes, I asked for it and I'm a germ freak who wants her toothbrush cleaned!) My mom got me a new printer and a Cricut! I can't wait to learn how to use it!!

I am loving that I was supposed to work today, but they called me off and now I don't have to!! YAYYYYYY! An unexpected day off is the best day ever! (Just don't tell my checkbook!)

I am loving that hubby and I are making baked ravioli tonight! YUM! I'll let ya'll know how it turns out! It's an amazing recipe because you don't even have to cook the frozen ravioli first!!

I am loving that one of my best friends could be having her baby boy any day now! I can't wait to meet this little one!!

I am loving my amazing family, friends, coworkers, and especially my amazing hubby! He is my life and without him, the days are just not fun.

Happy Wednesday! Go link up so we can see what you're loving today!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Married Christmas

I am SO glad to be back! I have really enjoyed getting to read everyone's posts about Christmas and the things they did, the gifts they got, and the traditions they share. While I am extremely sad that Christmas is over and I have to take down the decorations, I am grateful for the time that I got to spend with family and for the promise of a new year to come! 2010 was such a great year for me personally, but I know that 2011 can only be amazing as well! I have one friend that will have a baby in January 2011 (as long as he doesn't come in the next 2 days!). Plus, my sister is getting married in June 2011! There are SO many fun things to come. Still, it is sad to see the holidays pass and to look at all the cute sparkly stuff lying around and know that I need to pick it up. My plan was to pick it up today. That hasn't happened yet. We shall see. : )

So here's a recap of our fabulous first holiday as husband and wife!

Christmas Eve: I had to work (blah) and I didn't get off until 7 pm. My whole family had driven up that afternoon and so as soon as I got off, the hubby and I went over to my grandma's and just spent time hanging out with everyone. We helped (or watched) my grandma cook for the next day. We ate lots of cookies and oreo truffles! We ran around and tried to figure out all the goodies that we were getting the next day! (I accidentally forgot my camera.) We just had fun spending time together. Then, the hubs and I went home and opened our presents to each other. It was wonderful and perfect, just the two of us.

Opening my first present!

Mr & Mrs

Camo deer cross...I was pretty excited about finding this!

My hubby wrapped this all himself!

My home soda maker! I am IN LOVE with it!

Stocking time!

The next morning, we got up bright and early (7am!!) and headed back over to my grandma's to open Christmas presents! We couldn't wait to see what Santa had brought us! This was the first year that we have not done Christmas morning at our house, meaning my mom's house. About three months ago, my grandpa passed away and so we decided that we should move everything to my grandma's house so that she wouldn't be alone on Christmas morning. It was different, but perfect. Christmas is not about where you are or what you get, it's about WHO you are with. I could spend Christmas morning with my family in the street and it would still be perfect.

Santa came, Santa came!

Our new pillows that we were dying for!

My mom and sister!

He was a little scared...haha!

My sister and her fiance'!

My precious hubby! (Yes, I wore the same pajamas as the night before. Thanks for asking.)

My grandma...she was cooking and that's why she had gloves on! Haha.

My sweet mother!

Hubby was super excited about his new luggage!

Apron I got for my sister!

My older brother.

After we were done, we lounged around for a little while and then did the *dreaded* task of loading all of our presents into our car. We went home and showered and then headed back over to grandma's for lunch. The rest of the family came over and we ate lunch, read the Christmas story, and opened presents again. All of the nieces and nephews were there and got TONS of cute little things. We had so much fun watching them!

Hubby loved one of my nephew's toys!

Tomorrow I will share the rest of our Christmas and our activities with the in-laws! Thanks for sticking through to the end of this loooooong post! Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Crafting and Confections

Warning: lots of pictures are in this blog. : )

First, I would like to ask everyone to say a prayer for one of my little babies, Diesel. He has recently been diagnosed with heartworms (even though he has taken medicine since he was born). He had to stay overnight at the vet last night and get two very painful shots to try and kill the worms. He is my baby boy and he is totally a momma's boy. Is it weird that when I went to pick him up from the vet today I was nervous??? I thought maybe he would be mad at me since I took him to a place that caused him pain. Haha. I'm a dork, I know! He did do a little bit of pouting, but then I gave him a treat and he was ALL better. He loves his mommy!
Last week, my husband and I went to a Christmas cookie party! I wanted to do something a little different and creative, so I found these two recipes: here and here!

The first one is called pretzel kisses.

You will need:
Your choice of hershey kisses

You put the kiss on the pretzel...bake for 4-5 minutes...

Then top with a M&M and chill for a few minutes.
YUMMMM! They are delicious!

The second recipe is homemade thin mints...they taste just like the girl scout cookie!

You will need:
Ritz crackers
Dipping chocolate
Peppermint extract
Sprinkles (optional)

I forgot to use wax paper, so they stuck to the cookie sheet a little and broke, but ya'll, they are SO good!!

My hubby and I before the cookie party!

Another thing that I have been doing this week is wrapping...and wrapping...and wrapping. Normally, I just stick it in a bag and go, but since I am a wife this Christmas, I feel like I should have cute presents to take to the in-laws! Is that normal? Please tell me that that makes sense to someone??

It definitely takes a little bit more time, but the presents are SO much cuter!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I have to work 7a-7p. YUCK! However, I have some of the very best coworkers who are like sisters to me! The hubby is gone to the deer camp tonight, so I decided to cook up some yummy treats to take to work tomorrow! I made the pretzel kisses again, but this time I just used regular kisses. They are still delicious!! The salty pretzel and the rich chocolate make a perfect pair! They must be soulmates! : )

I decided to make oreo truffles...found here!
You will need:
Dipping chocolate
Cream cheese

First, you crush the oreos. I put mine in a plastic bag and crushed with a big can of green beans. (Classy, right?) It worked pretty well. However, when I dumped my bag into the bowl, I felt like they still needed to be crushed more. I put my big brain to work and decided to use the pizza cutter!

Yes, I did do this. AND IT WORKED!! Pizza cutter, aka oreo crusher!

Then, you mix the cream cheese in and make little balls. This is veryyyy sticky!

After you chill the balls for an hour, you dip them in the chocolate and chill them again. I used white chocolate to drizzle. I also dipped a couple in white chocolate and left a couple undipped because I wanted to see how they tasted. And yes, I tried all three of them! : ) YUM!

Whew. Are ya'll worn out? I am! I must say though, that I truly LOVE the shared creativity that blogging brings!! It's so neat that someone way across the world can make a cookie, I can read their post, and then I decide to make the same cookie! Ya'll...we are truly linked! Blogging is such a great outlet and release, yet also a great source of information! I'm having so much fun getting to know a few blogs and their writers! : )

On to my last topic of the bags. While I was wrapping last night, I realized that I had three presents that were too big for boxes. My sweet hubby volunteered to go to Walmart in the morning to pick up some extra large gift bags for these three loners since I had to work at 7 am. What a sweetie, right?? (Just wait....)

So I just had a short day today and I got off at 11am. I was SO excited that I had nothing to do and my plans included home, pajamas, snuggling, and lunch. I called the hubby and said, "Hey, did you get the bags?" He said, "No, Walmart didn't have any big ones left. They only had small ones." I really wanted to scream when he said this, but instead I thanked him for looking and decided to swing by Michael's. I got to Michael's - no big bags. I decided to try the Dollar Tree, which was right next door. I stand next to the bags for about 5 minutes, trying to squeeze past the 57 other people who apparently realized they needed a bag at the same time I did. And ya'll, these people, they just stare and stare at the bags, as if they're hoping that new and cuter ones will appear. Well guess what, they aren't going to! Move out of the way and let me in! (I only thought this, I didn't say it!) I see: tons of small bags, a few medium sized bags, and only ONE big bag.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not the ugliest bag in the world, but it's certainly not "my" style! However, it's big enough and it's $1. I'm sold. I check out. I'm happy. : ) Then I decide the whole thing about making treats for work and I decide to swing by Walmart to get the oreos and such. As I'm walking in, I happen to pass by the gift bag aisle. What do I see? Oh, just big bag after big bag. Red, green, blue, snowflake, Santa. I call my hubby...and say...(politely) "WALMART HAS TONS OF BIG BAGS!" His retort? "Oh, I didn't see them."

Oh dear sweet hubby. There are times I love him and times I want to strangle him. : ) I decided not to strangle him though, because my bag was only $1 and the walmart bags were $4.

Anyway, I tried to make this bag as pretty as I could, but still, it's rough. Sorry sissy! Remember that I said I needed three bags? Well, I only bought this one. My plan is to steal two really cute bags after Christmas morning at Grandma's, so that I can take them to Christmas with the in-laws! I'm a genius, I know!!

It's not that bad, right??

(PS: I hope no one reading this bought this bag because they loved it! Ha!)


Monday, December 20, 2010


A trip down memory lane from the year 2010...

We celebrated grandma's 80th birthday!

We got a pretty hefty snow for Louisiana!

We celebrated our first Valentine's together!

We got engaged!!!!!!! 3/5/10

And my bff made me this awesome wedding countdown!

We celebrated our first Easter together!

Our first time dying eggs together!

And poor baby Diesel had eye surgery and had to wear this horrible collar!

We celebrated baby Van's 1st birthday!

And Shan's college graduation!

We went on a fun fishing trip for Justin's birthday!

We registered!

We picked out Justin's wedding ring!

Diesel and Cashmere turned one!

We took engagement pictures!!

And I had my first bridal shower!

I had a fabulous bridal shower!!

And baby Shayleigh was born!

We had a luau family shower!!

My besties threw me a wonderful lingerie shower!

With the cutest centerpiece ever!!

Then we went on a Bachelorette Beach Bash trip and stayed in this fab house!!

My coworkers threw me another wonderful lingerie shower!

My aunt and grandma threw my gorgeous bridal shower!

We had our rehearsal...

And rehearsal dinner!

We got ready and sang "Going to the chapel."


My husband surprised me with TWO stunning bands!

We went on a fabulous honeymoon to Sandals!!

We carved pumpkins when we got back.

My sister got engaged!!

We went on our first hunting trip together!

We decorated for our first Christmas as Mr&Mrs.

I turned 25.

We had a baby shower for my best friend! (See here!)

And that is our year in a nutshell so far!! It has been a crazy, fast, exciting, scary, WONDERFUL year!! Thanks for hanging in there, loves!