Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mexican Bridal Shower

On Sunday, my aunt and uncle threw a bridal shower for my little sister. 

It was Mexican themed, which is obviously the greatest shower idea ever. 

We had enchiladas, fajitas, tacos, and quesadillas...among other things. Of course there was lots of dessert, too. It was all absolutely delicious and we ate until we couldn't move. Duh. 

The happy couple. 

Homemade beef and chicken enchiladas. 


Homemade salsa and queso dip. 

I love candid shots. 

My dad getting the evil eye from my mom. 

My little sister...all grown up!

It's so weird when your little sister is growing up and getting married. Life just flies by! I love days like this where I am reminded to fervently cherish every single second of this precious life!

Hope y'all had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Love, love!!

PS: I'm over at Lauren's blog today talking about my wedding! Reeeeead it. : )

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Marry Me

Remember how I said I was going to visit my best friends this weekend?? 

Well, the most wonderful thing happened. One of my best friends, Shannon, got engaged! 

Here's the story: Shan's boyfriend wanted to throw her a surprise "going to grad school" party. So all of her friends gathered together at a friend's house prepared to surprise her. Little did we know, WE were the ones in for the surprise. When they pulled up to the party, we all hid in the carport to yell "SURPRISE!" Except Shannon came running up to us, holding up her ring, yelling, "I'm engaged!" It was the most wonderful thing in the world and there was a lot of screaming and hugging. Then we preceded to pig out on fresh fruit, sugarless oatmeal raisin cookies, and tofu avocado dip...because everyone is doing the fast, remember?? It was surprisingly delicious. 

I actually forgot my new camera. #iwassomad  Thank goodness for instagram on my phone!

The precious couple. 

Absolutely amazing ring. 

Happy, happy, happy. 

So thrilled for our Shanny baby. 

A reenactment, of course. Notice babycakes in the background. : )

Shan has a blog, so I'll let her share the actual engagement story and more of the pictures. Check it out here if y'all are interested. She should be posting about it in the next day or two. Tell her congrats and leave her some love! : )

We are off to church and then my sister has a bridal shower today! 

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Love, love!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Babies Galore

I'm headed to the most magical place on Earth today. 

No, not Disney. 

It's the land where all my best friends live! Hooray!! We are meeting up for lunch and I literally cannot wait. I need some serious girl time and some serious baby time. Here are the precious faces I am going to see: 

The "sweet" baby girls. ; )

Precious baby Andrew...the lone ranger in the family of girls. 

Callie girl...the happiest baby in the world!

And of course I'll be seeing my best friends, too. But they aren't as cute as the babies. ; )

Now do y'all see why I have some major baby fever going on?? I'm surrounded by pure adorable-ness!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Love, love!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

These Three Things - Bright Wishes

Hey y'all! I have Brooke from Bright Wishes here today for my These Three Things series and I am just thrilled. She is such an inspiration to me, both as a blogger and as a mother. Not to mention, she has the cutest little girl in the whole world.  She also does some pretty amazing blog designs, so if y'all are looking for something new, check her out! Now it's time for Brooke to share the three things that define her! Enjoy! (Hooray for those who guessed it right yesterday!)

Hello fellow readers of Mackey Madness! I'm so glad Megan asked me to share with you three things that define me. Although it is extremely hard just to pick three, I hope it helps you learn more about me :D

I am a mom before anything else and I love it so much.

I have a bilateral hearing loss. It's moderate which means it's not the worst, but not the least worst. I've worn hearing aids since I was about 5 or 6. I only wear them to school or work though, they're just a hassle! ha


Yup, you read that right ;) I love ketchup so much. I like it on corn, mash potatoes, a good ole' ketchup sandwhich, and of course the usual stuff you put ketchup on. It's just so dang good!
...but I hate tomatoes. yuck.

Thanks again Megan for having me :D


Oh my gosh, Brooke, I'm not lying when I say I love ketchup, but hate tomatoes, too!! #twins Thanks so much for being here today and letting us into your life a little bit! And I always enjoy a cute picture of little one! : )

Love, love!!

PS: I'm guest posting over at Alexis' blog today while she's on her honeymoon - talking about my wedding necessities! Check it out!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Said What?

Do y'all use Google Analytics? I do. I love it. 

Yes, I admit that I'm a total creeper who likes to see how many page views and visitors I get each day. 

A little while back, two of my favorite bloggers (Jenni and Rissy) posted about the keywords that people used to find their blogs. Keywords being words that someone types into a search engine that lead them to your blog. Their lists were quite hilarious and I finally got around to looking at mine. Y'all. I laughed for at least an hour. I kept saying to my husband, "Can you believe that someone typed that and it led to my blog?" Apparently he didn't really care. He just nodded and kept watching Criminal Minds. He didn't even crack a smile. #realpeople

So without further delay, here are the funniest/weirdest/creepiest keywords that led people to my blog:

1) "How to make your wife a stepford" - obviously this came from my Stepford Wives post, but I am seriously ticked that some guy searched this. It better not have been you, husband. 

2) "Granny panty game" - this one totally made me laugh! No, people, I don't wear granny panties, but we did have a game with them at my lingerie shower

3) "I hope that I know your husband" - oh really, do you? Well, I kinda hope that you don't know my husband. #yousoundlikeahooker #kthanksbye 

4) "Bad wife best huge" - .......huh??

5) "Dear husband, how are you feeling" - he is feeling fine. Thanks. I think. 

6) "Grannie pantie cake" - again with the granny panties??? Dang, I didn't realize that they were so in demand. Want your blog to get famous? Blog about granny panties people. (Please spell it right, though!)

7) "I don't cook or clean" - hey now, I take offense to this. I certainly do clean. I just don't cook. Rude. 

8) "Megan from across the pond" and "Michaela Noelle" - I'm not lying, y'all. People really googled these blog celebrities and somehow ended up on my blog. I love having famous friends. : )

9) "My husband is out of the closet" - I have no words for this one. My husband is hetero. Promise. 

10) "These are my crayons, there are other crayons, but these are mine" - no. clue. Maybe when Peas & Crayons guest posted for me on the These Three Things series? This person needs to learn to share. 

If y'all have Google Analytics, I highly encourage y'all to check out your keywords. SO FUNNY. If y'all don't, add it. Duh. 

Every post needs a picture:

My niece feeding her horse. Don't all horses eat apples and chocolate?

Love, love!!

PS: Wanna know who is doing my series tomorrow? Hint: I think she has a very bright future and I wish her a beautiful wedding! : ) Tell me who y'all think it is in the comments. Ten points to whoever gets it right!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Confession: I take my wedding rings off at night. 

I know some women say, "Oh, I never take my rings off." Well, I do. (Sorry, husband) Only at night. While I sleep. So that I don't cut my precious face. #noscarfaceneeded #badwife

A few weeks ago, I stumbled onto this fabulous Etsy shop, Say Your Piece. She sells all kinds of little ceramic plates for ALL occasions. I was so excited when I saw her wedding ring plates and I knew I needed one to put my rings in. My order arrived a few days ago and I'm in love with it. 

The ampersand (&) can be any color. 

The plates come without anything on the back side, but I wanted our wedding date on it. 

So absolutely fabulous. 

It almost makes me want to keep my rings in it ALL the time. Almost. 

Y'all should seriously check out her shop. She has tons of cute designs, ranging from love to teachers to baby.

Love, love!

PS: I did not get compensated in any way for this! I just love my plate and wanted to share!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Get It Gurrrrrrl

Yesterday I was going through my iPhone pictures and videos and stumbled across this fabulous little gem. This video was taken one day when I was with my college besties and we were putting my wedding invitations together. We were gluing bows to the invitations and just having way too much fun. It totally put a smile in my heart and I wanted to share it with y'all!

The younger baby sitting on the table is my niece, Savannah. She is my best friend Melissa's daughter. The twins are the daughters of Melissa's older sister, Jen. Are y'all confused yet? ; ) They both blog, but only update about once a month. Ugh. #slackers

Cutest things ever, right? Go ahead and watch it again. Y'all know y'all want to. 


Love, love!

PS: There were people standing all around the table to make sure the babies were safe. Obviously. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Emotions Running Amuck

My title makes me sound smart, right? : )

Can y'all please say a quick prayer for me? I have been SUPER emotional and kinda down the past few days. I have no idea why...surely it's not the lack of diet coke. Surely. That would just be sad. 

1) Yes, my marriage is okay. 

2) No, I do not want to kill myself. 

3) No, I am not pregnant. 

I think that covers all those bases. : ) Thanks in advance for the prayers!

Love, love!

PS: Some skyping would totally help cheer me up! Anyone?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Creativity + Wishing for Dessert

I am short and sweet today. Not physically short. But blog-wise. Get it? Good. 

It's Friday. Woohoo. Hubby and I are off all weekend. Repeat woohoo. 

I am dreaming of:

A cake pop from Starbucks. #divine #dontworryiambeingstrong

I wanted to share the card that I made for my husband's birthday. It's always fun to make a homemade card. And cheaper, too. His actual gift was us investing in a really nice lawn mower. He had literally been looking at them for weeks months. I made a card and then an inner "gift card" for the go ahead to get the mower!

As y'all may have noticed, I call my husband "sweet precious" and "love bunny." It started just a few months after we began dating and accidentally unfortunately for him, all of his firemen buddies found out. Let's just say that he gets called those sweet pet names at home AND at work. Haha. Poor husband. 

Have a great weekend, y'all!!

Love, love!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

These Three Things - Ten June

Hey loves! I am SO excited to have Michelle from Ten June here today for my series "These Three Things." Michelle has a fabulous blog full of stunning pictures of her house and she ALWAYS has a funny story to share...sometimes about her house projects, sometimes about seeing gophers. ; ) She will make y'all laugh. Promise.

Hiiiiiiii friends! I'm Michelle, from Ten June. That's right- another "M" for you to add to your Megan and Megan collection! I'm over here at Mackey Madness today to say hi, throw out a few ya'lls since I'm a southern girl too, maybe play with one of Megan's dogs (because they are ah-dor-a-ble!) and to share with all of you as part of Megan's "These Three Things" series!

It's kind of hard to narrow down the list of things that describe me to only three, because I really love a lot of things. So unfortunately my list that includes M&M McFlurries, Wally Lamb books, the Bachelor, hot pink nail polish, coffee, Rainbow flip flops and anything Justin Timberlake has to go.

Let's get to the nitty gritty.

The three things that best describe me:

Let's just be honest... I am enamored by all things music. I'm certainly not musical myself (can't hold a note or play an instrument!) but I love, love, love all kinds of music. Literally, all kinds. On any given day, you can find me in my car, windows down, blasting...


Mumford & Sons

Hillsong United

("Move" is totally Megan's theme song, just ask her!)


I could go on forever!! If it starts with a music note, I love it.

I am absolutely in love with renovating, decorating and DIYing the house that my hubby and I bought just one short year ago. In fact, that's what I blog about! The hubs and I bought a 1952 ranch last spring and we've been working to make it "ours" for the last year. It's definitely one of the things in my life that defines me, as anyone's home should! Check out our progress!

Of course, a house wouldn't be a home without my number three thing...

It sounds cheesy, but it's true! My amazing husband, sisters, parents and other friends and family truly define me. They are my everything! Oh and I can't forget my sweet dogs, Tucker & Maggie. I love them the mostest : )

Phew! That was kind of a long post, but like I said, I LOVE A LOT! : ) Thanks so much for having me, Megs! 


Okay, I am seriously loving every single music choice, Michelle! You have fabulous taste! "Move" was is definitely my theme song, speeding ticket or not. ; ) Thanks so much for being here today!! I hope one day ours dogs can be besties in real life. OH and us, too, obviously. We will meet at your amazing house. #duh

Love, love!!