Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Baby's Wedding, part II

Prepare for a massive amount of pictures in this post. (Catch part one here!)

So after the rehearsal dinner, we went home and got a good night's sleep. Right? Wrong! My mother, aka Mrs. Last Minute, waited until the night before the wedding to decide that the 150+ chair covers needed to be dried to get some wrinkles out. Naturally, we headed up to the laundromat. : ) (not the precious bride, she was getting sleep, of course!) It was midnight in a laundromat in a somewhat shady area of town. We were so delirious that we laughed until we almost peed our pants. But hey, at least they were wrinkle free when we were done!

The morning of my sister's wedding was quite the busy one. We (myself, my husband, my parents, and some others) headed up to the reception site early that morning to start decorating. Even though it was busy, it was SO much fun getting to spend so much time together. For some reason, when my mom and I get stressed, we just laugh hysterically. One of us will be totally freaking out about something and we just look at each other and crack up laughing. It's really so fun. 

Even husband came to help decorate...and totally was amazing! Fireman/wedding planner?!

In the process...before the chair bows were tied. 

After several hours at the reception site, my mom and I left to go and meet the bridal party to get our hair done...after a quick stop by Raising Cane's. I mean, it's not like my dress was tight or anything. ; )

The beautiful bride-to-be!

Heading to the was such a gorgeous (110 degree) day. 

The church. 

My wedding shoes...which became my sister's wedding shoes. That makes me SO happy!

The stunning, love, love!

Patiently waiting and eating.

My mom helping Whit get dressed and ready. 

The prettiest bride ever.

My baby sister and my best friend.

The ceremony was short and sweet and totally perfect. I can't describe the emotions that I felt as I stood beside my sister and watched her marry her groom. It was emotional, it was amazing...I was SO proud.

My parents signing in at the reception. 

My sister is a MAJOR dog lover, so their favor was puppy cake pops. The note states that money will be donated to a local animal shelter in honor of all of the guests who attended. I would have taken a picture of one of the pops outside of the bag, but I ate all 6 of mine before I remembered.

My best friend Melissa and her husband. 

Such happiness! 

Is she not the cutest thing ever?!

The best friends a girl could ask for. 

The DJ called all the groomsmen up to come and dance. This is my husband, freaking out. ; )

#totallynervous. So adorable!

 Andddddddd they are off!

Wow, is this post finally over?! 

Thanks for hanging in there. My sister and her hubby should be coming home today from their honeymoon and I can't wait!! I kinda wish I knew someone getting married every's SO fun. 

Love, love!

PS: "These Three Things" will be posted tomorrow! Hint: shrimp fork! : )

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Baby's Wedding, part I

So it's finally little sister's wedding recap from this past weekend! I know that y'all have been holding y'alls breath.

I drove home on Thursday to slave spend time with my mom and sister. We worked on programs, ate a delicious lunch, and got an hour massage. Life is tough sometimes, ya know?!

My delirious mother and her wedding overwhelmed office. 

Friday morning we had Whit's bridal luncheon at Copeland's. It was absolutely divine. My aunt and my grandmother hosted it and it was beautiful. They are both so creative and always manage to create the perfect atmosphere!

Whitney's wedding colors were hot pink and royal blue. 

My place setting. 

After the luncheon, we headed to get our nails/toes done.

The giddy bride-to-be.

My gorgeous mom, rocking a fabulous blue dress. 

Later that evening, we had the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. 

Please note: when I arrived in town on Thursday I told my mom, "My bridesmaid dress is SO tight, I really cannot eat for the next few days." At this point in the trip, we had eaten at: McAlister's Deli, Chile Verde, and Copeland's. The rehearsal dinner was fried catfish and all the goodies that go along with it. #fittingintodressfailure

My hubby making fun of the wedding planner's timeline. He's such a man. 

Two flower girls + one ashamed ring bearer. 

This is what we Southerners do at church. ; )

Take one. Barefoot = classy. 

Take two. 

I have SO many more pictures to share, but I feel like y'all might be in overload. 

Do y'all want to see the rest?? (Please say yes!) : )

Love, love!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Little Sister - The Bride-to-Be

My sister is getting married tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#mysisterisgettingmarriedtomorrow (in case y'all prefer hashtags)


I seriously cannot believe it, but it's true. My little baby sister is "becoming a woman" tomorrow. She will be walking down the aisle and marrying her soul-mate. And I could not be more thrilled for her. 

From the night that they got engaged. 

A sister is SO special. It's basically like having a guaranteed best friend for life, with a few killing fighting matches thrown in for good measure. 

Of course I remember the times that we have the time we were young and we kicked and hit each other over who changed the tv channel. Or the times that my older brother and I would make her cry and then laugh at her. Or the times that I tattled on her because I wanted her to get in trouble. 

But more than that, I remember ALL the good times. I remember watching her grow up and become a beautiful, Godly young woman. I remember the first year that she joined me in college...and how wonderful it was to go through the college experience together. I remember calling her and squealing when I got engaged and surprising her when she got engaged. I remember walking down the aisle and seeing her standing next to my future husband. 

My sister has been there for me through it all...and I can't wait to stand beside her tomorrow. 

Say a prayer for a smooth and wonderful wedding day for her and her fiance'! 

I can't wait to share all the details with y'all! : ) 

I'm off to get pampered now. It's hard work being the matron of honor. 

Love, love!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feather Boas + Pink necklaces = Bachelorette Party

This past weekend we threw my sister a joint lingerie shower/bachelorette party. 

I still cannot believe that my little sister, my baby sister, is getting married THIS WEEKEND. #ahhhh

We rented a room at The Hilton and met there first for some ooh la la lingerie and cake. 

My best friend Candace came up and helped me decorate the room. 

#cutestcakeever  #ijustcringedbecausetheforksaretouchingthecounter

The bride-to-be has arrived!

"Just married" panties...everyone needs a pair. Duh. 

This one is just for you, Erica!! : )

After Whit had opened all of her gifts, we decorated granny panties for her to "wear" on her wedding night. Mine were a little bit X-rated, so I'm glad that I don't have a picture to post. ; ) 

Next up was dinner at a Mexican restaurant (#bachpartymustdo) and then we headed to a casino to try and win some money. Oh, except I don't gamble, so I had no hope of winning money. I just don't like to give my money away for free. If I give someone/something money, I want something, clothes, tacos, etc. Just something. 

My sister won $6. Woohoo. We are rich. 

We went to listen to a live band in one of the casino lounges...and it was awful. I have been sitting here thinking of words to describe them and this is what I came up with: Barney meets The Wiggles.

They were "super heroes" from outer space. They wore matching outfits and did synchronized dancing. They made goofy faces and called each other things like "Neuron" and "Proton."

I know. Y'all wish that y'all were there, right? 

All in all, it was SUCH a fun night and I really loved getting to see my sister sparkle with that "soon to be bridal glow." Plus, we got to talk about sex...which was super strange and awkward. #lifeofamarriedwoman

Love, love!!

PS: Hint about my guest poster tomorrow: snakes! ; )