Sunday, October 30, 2011

Love and Support

We always joke about how women need emotion and men 

Well, that's definitely true. For the most part anyway. But y'all, men definitely need more than that from a relationship. Wives, fiances, girlfriends...our precious men need us to love them, support them, build them up, and make them feel needed, wanted, and loved. They may never admit it...but it's true! : ) And we need to give them this! They deserve it! And if your man doesn't deserve it, why are you with him? 

I want my husband to feel cherished, loved, supported, and needed. This has become a wifely role that I enjoy doing and that I don't take lightly. I try to make every effort to ensure that my husband knows how much he means to me. 

Some fun and easy ways to do this:

- Leave little notes for him...even just a quick "love you" does the trick!
- Be affectionate! Kiss and hug on him when he gets home. 
- Tell him THANK YOU when he does something for you/the house/the kids/etc. 
- Be supportive when he wants to do something by himself or with his friends. 
- Pray for him!! Daily and passionately. 
- Share good things about him when in front of other people, not negative things. 
- Do something that he is normally "supposed" to do, like take out the trash. 
- Bake him some goodies one day just because. 
- Call him silly pet names. (I use bunny bear and love bunny!)

There are so many little things that we can do for our men so that they know how special they are to us. We should want our love to feel like they are SO appreciated and SO cherished by us. 

My cute hubby. With the dough boy. He texted this to me yesterday. Ha. Who even knows?! 

What have YOU done lately to let your husband/fiance'/boyfriend know how much you love him?

PS: Obviously this is a two way street, but I don't have that many male readers, ya know?! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scary Movie Night

Last night, while flipping through millions of channels, we seriously had nothing to watch. Isn't that the worst thing ever? I mean, what else is there to do? ; ) #sarcasm

The hubs had the great idea to watch a movie. I let him pick. Rookie wife mistake. 

He chose My Bloody Valentine...a movie about a guy who kills people with a pick ax. "For Halloween," hubs said. Just the scariest, goriest, nastiest movie I've ever seen. It will probably give me nightmares for the rest of my life.  

Oh yeah, wanna hear the best/most horrifying part? We watched it in 3-D, which would have been quite hilarious had it not felt like there was a crazy killer in the living room with us. 

Then I tried to make the puppies watch it in 3-D. 

Yeah, it didn't work. 

Hope y'all had a much less scary night than we did. : )

Love, love!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Cure

Sometimes, I have baby fever. I see cute babies and naked booties and pink dresses and my heart just swoons. I have discovered a short-acting cure for this involves road tripping it down to see my best friend and her precious children. 

This past Saturday, I took the two hour trek to spend some time with these sweet loves. I feel like I learn so much about love, life, marriage, and myself when I'm there. 

She wants YOU! 

Playing peek-a-boo. 

Pouting. Can y'all just see this face in 10 more years?! Heart. Breaker. 

I promise that I took some pictures of my sweet nephew, too, but he was sick and most of the pictures involve tears and snot, so I left those out. : )

After eating cookies all day, we then went out for Mexican. Dessert before dinner is how we live. 

Oh hey, Wal-Mart sign in the background. Way to ruin these classy pictures. 

Dance party. Pink undies, anyone?

All in all, it was such a great weekend. These visits are always a great (but short) fix for my baby fever. I usually leave exhausted and pretty grateful to head home to a quiet house where I can sleep for 15 hours. 

But sometimes...oh, but sometimes...(or most of the time)...I leave and the baby fever isn't cured. 

It's intensified. 


Love, love!

PS: The last round of winners: Karen, Genelle, Stephanie, and Michelle! Email me!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Defeating that Devil

This weekend...we kicked the devil's butt. Seriously. 

Over the past 3-4 months, the hubs and I have found a church that we love and feel called to make our home church. It's where we want to grow in the Lord, fellowship, and raise our babies. All that was left for us to do was go to Sunday School and find a class to join. We had good intentions to do so every Sunday, yet something always seemed to keep us from going: someone overslept, we were running late, we were out of town, we had to work, etc. 

Let's be honest. The real issue was that we were scared, intimidated, big ole chickens. We can both be pretty shy around new people and we were just honestly dreading going to a class and being new and awkward. 

On Saturday night, we prayed about it and promised God that we would trust in Him to lead us to the perfect class the next morning for Sunday School. And y'all...the devil surely did try to stop us Sunday morning. I overslept. My hair wouldn't lay right. Husband's shirt was super wrinkled. Radar wouldn't take his morning pills. We held it together, though. And we went. 

We pulled up to the church and we didn't know where to go. It was terrifying. We felt dumb. We felt silly. We felt totally awkward. But we held hands and we kept going. And God was faithful. Right when we walked into the church, a fireman friend recognized my husband and called us over. He introduced us to several people and walked us to our class. God provided for us. 

I know that sounds so silly. We should be adults about it, but it was something that we were struggling with majorly. The class was amazing, the couples were ALL super friendly, and we really felt at peace right away. We seriously cannot wait to go back and get more involved with this class of couples. 

We should fit right in. : )

Thank you, Lord, for leading us when we can't walk, for comforting us when we can't find peace, and for protecting us when we feel insecure. Thank you, Lord, for loving us. 

Do y'all go to Sunday School? 

Love, love!

Monday, October 17, 2011

From a Year Ago

As most of my faithful readers know, we spent our one year anniversary in Jamaica. And I'm not just saying that again to rub it in. : ) When we got home, we decided to bust out our year old wedding cake and give it a go. 

That big dent is from the time that I accidentally threw it in the trash. No worries, I dug it out. : )

So here's where the problem became clear. This is exactly how our cake was foil, no plastic wrap, just this box. As I opened it up to take pictures, the hubs said, "Uh, baby, I think it's supposed to be wrapped up or something." Well, gee honey, why didn't you tell me that a year ago?! Right inside the box, we found the slip of paper detailing how to preserve the cake for the year. #fail

Andddddd this is exactly how we felt about it. 

But hey, don't be sad for us, we just so happened to have a delicious piece of (fresh) cheesecake in the fridge and it gladly accepted the year old cake's role. 

If y'all follow me on Twitter (who doesn't, right), then y'all know that it was quite the task getting the hubs to cooperate for pictures! I tried to explain that every silly face he makes means that we have to redo the picture, but for some reason the threat doesn't scare him. He knows that I'll eventually give up. : )

And complete the night of wedding remembering, I tried on my wedding dress. I'm happy to report that it still fits. One point for the wifey. Let's see if I'm still saying that in 20 years. 

Doesn't he look freaking thrilled?! : )

That concludes our anniversary festivities. Someone please tell me that they messed up their cake, too?!

Love, love!

PS: We have the absolute worst lighting in our house. Sorry!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Night at Our House

My husband is active. I am lazy. This is nothing new. 

A typical night at our house includes me blogging, texting, reading, and trying to snuggle with him...while he comes up with the most random things to do to entertain himself. See below. 

That would be him with knives and blowing a duck call to excite the puppies.

A Southern boy's necessities. 

Intellectual reading material.

Stirring all the puppies up. 

This is probably their favorite thing ever...when daddy gets on the floor to play. 

Shout out to my sweet baby girl and the one trick that she knows: shake. 

Anyone else have a crazy interesting husband/roomie/parent? Surely it can't just be me. : )

Love, love!

PS: No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Truths About Marriage

As young girls, a lot of our beliefs about marriage come from our parents and television/movies. Growing up, I knew that I wanted to marry my soul mate and live "happily ever after." I definitely have my Prince Charming and my fairy tale, but there are some things that I never expected from marriage. Don't get me wrong, marriage is completely amazing and the biggest blessing in my life...and we are happy...but it's not all rainbows and sunshine. Really. It's not. : )

This is me making fun of my husband.

A few of my realizations about marriage:

- If we weren't married, we would break up after some of the rough fights. It sounds insane, but it's true. Sometimes it'd just be easier to walk away if it was only a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. But since it's marriage, we hang in there...and fight...and work. And it's hard. And it's totally worth it. During the middle of one fight, I told my husband, "We would totally break up right now if we weren't married." He replied, "Yeah, I think we would." Then we both busted out's a weird thing. 

- My husband can't fill every need that I have. Only Jesus can do that. If I put ALL of myself and my life and my value into my husband, I will not be happy. I need Jesus. Amen. 

- It is beautiful, but it is nothing like what I expected. I promise. It's more fun than I ever imagined and it's more work than I ever imagined. It's a walking contradiction and it's beautiful. 

- Sometimes, I am wrong. (Don't tell my husband I said that!) ; ) Yikes, I hate admitting that. But seriously. I'm a female. And I'm emotional. And sometimes I'm pretty crazy. And emotional. And yeah...nutso. Poor husband.

- I will sometimes go to bed mad...even though my whole life I said I wouldn't. I always heard that growing up..."don't go to bed mad." And I truly thought I never would. But guess what? Sometimes I have been tired...and I have gone to sleep mad. And while I don't love it and want to do it frequently, it happens.

- When I compare my marriage to other marriages, it puts me at risk to be unhappy. It's easy to look at other couples and think "they are always happy and their marriage seems so perfect." But truthfully, I have no idea what is going on in their private life. I don't get to see their fights and their tears. Don't is never a good thing.

Okay married friends, let me hear it. I want all the secrets that y'all never expected from marriage. And single gals, are y'all surprised/shocked by any of the above confessions?

Love, love!

PS: Our marriage is totally fine. Gah. : ) 

Friday, October 7, 2011

No Worries, Mon

Yesterday was my first day back to work post-vacation. And let's just say there was a little bit of depression in the atmosphere. I mean, Jamaica or 12 hour shifts? Is there really a question?

So, to brighten my day today, let's look at part two of our vacation recap.

View from our patio. It's not a's just that amazing. 

That would be me, reading my new book that the hubs bought for me. 

Side note: I finished that book (The Help) in a day and a half. It is a must read. 

And I was pretty darn happy in that hot tub reading my book until this couple came and got in there with me and started making out. Totally inappropriate. I mean, were they on their honeymoon or something?! ; )

Moving on. 

One of the restaurants, appropriately titled "Barefoot by the Sea."

Anddddd back to my favorite view. 

This is not edited at all. Pinky promise. 

Breakfast in bed every morning.

I'm from Louisiana. We live and breathe humidity...always. But y'all, I had never ever felt as much humidity as there was in Jamaica this time around. It was heavy in the air. Don't believe me? See the next two pictures.

This was what happened when I would first walk outside with my fogged up RIGHT away.

Exact same spot once the camera had about 5 minutes to adjust. Whew. It was H.U.M.I.D.

Hubs playing like a kid in the ocean. 

I may have asked the hubs several times, "Are you sure that isn't a tornado?"

Who says God doesn't exist? 

The clouds were insane. 

Oh, hi Mr. Stingray...what the heck are you doing so close to the beach?

See that dark/irregular sand spot? Yeah, that would be Mr. Stingray kill me when I stepped on him.

And that would be when I got out of the ocean.

Celebrating one year of marriage!

And hey, just in case y'all are worried that Jamaica isn't the perfect vacation spot......

KFC. Bam.

So, who's up for a blogger meet up in Jamaica? More importantly, who's paying? ; )

Love, love!