Monday, April 2, 2012


Lately I've been thinking about how much the devil is alive and working in this world.

The devil knows us inside and out. He knows the doubts that we have about ourselves and the insecurities that we are facing. He waits for moments when we are weak and hurting, and then tries to launch an attack, making us question ourselves, our friends/family, our world and our God. 

In our lowest moments, when he attacks, we feel ashamed. We usually keep these feelings/doubts to ourselves. He tells us lies...and we believe him, we are embarrassed. But we shouldn't be because we are not alone in this. The devil attacks everyone. He tries to weaken us all. He even tried it with Jesus.

I don't know what lies the devil tell you. Maybe he tells you that you aren't pretty enough, skinny enough or smart enough. Or maybe he says that you have done too many bad things to be forgiven. Maybe it's that you're not a good wife, mom or daughter. Regardless of whatever lie he tells you, that's all it is. A lie. We are perfectly made in God's likeness. God made NO mistakes when we were created. His mercy and forgiveness reaches down and covers us all.

So here's what I'm proposing today: on this post, leave a comment with whatever lie/lies the devil tells you. I'm turning on anonymous comments, so that we can share honestly and openly. You can also leave a comment under your name if you care to. Write out your insecurities. I think it will be eye opening for us to see that others share our exact same insecurities...that the devil tells us all the same lies...that we are not alone in our doubts.

I'll be sharing my own insecurities in an anonymous comment, too...and then I'll be praying over all the comments left. I encourage y'all to do the same. Pray for those willing to share their hearts today. Pray that we all resist the devil and cling to the Lord. 

88 comments: said...

I am too fat.
I am not good enough for anyone/anything.
I have these insecurities that i struggle with every single day but i am alone in them, no one knows how i really feel, i appear confident.
If i make a mistake i am so afraid that i can not sleep. I am afraid my fiance will leave me, that i will get fired, that my friends will be really mad at me. I don't know why i go to those extremes.
I hate how my blog looks because i do not have the finesse most of you do, it is raw.
I am not going to go behind anon (i understand why you are, that's fine) because i am a stranger so it won't matter.
I am sure there are more but i am tired & can't think.

MrsNicolaT said...

I fear that I will always be punished for my past mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I am not good enough to serve the Lord. I have sinned too much. My family is better they are much more holy than I am. I want to serve him but the devil gives me too much guilt, making me feel that God could never love a sinner as I am.

Jazmine said...

I'm not a good wife or mom. I'm not smart enough to finish school. I'm not thin enough like my sister. I eat too much.

I'm always going to get punished for the person I used to be before.

Syndal said...

I'm not pretty.
I'm fat and I always will be.
I'm not smart enough to be a good nurse practitioner.
People don't really like me that much.
My friends forget about me.

P!nky said...

GREAT GREAT Post Megan! So true, the devil works wonders on our thoughts and self esteem. Too often we think, why me? But in that moment the devil has won that battle because we SHOULD be thinking, GOD I need you, please help.

This message was on my heart last week but I didn't say anything out loud. Maybe that was the devil telling me no one else cares or thinks that way. THANK YOU for bringing the light!

i fear I have let the devil tell me lazy is okay and my dreams are goone.
i fear my faith in the Lord is not strong enough no matter what I do.
i fear the future.



Anonymous said...

I fear I will never be good enough for anyone. Nobody will ever want to spend their lives with me forever. I am too lazy and give up too easily. I am not Godly enough, although I claim to be, my actions speak differently. I don't think the devil will ever allow me to be truly happy.

Thank you for this. I needed it today more than I have in a while. I will also pray for everyone else. We aren't alone in this world and sometimes it's really nice to see that. We all struggle and need to put our faith in Gods hands.

Anonymous said...

I've never been pretty like other girls and I'm never good at socializing. I always suck big time when it comes to self confidence. Too many people are far greater than me and I sometimes, no, always fear of not finding that person who will love me enough to risk waking up every morning of his life with me. I fear what lies ahead. I sometimes doubt if there's really God or what religion or belief to really believe in. I'm extremely scared of going to hell and just kinda wish to be reincarnated or something.I'm still having a really unclear view of where I'm going.

Anonymous said...

Amazing post.

I hear that I'm not good enough for God to use. That I'm a waste of talent and will never accomplish anything or do anything worthwhile.

Also that no one likes me and no one will ever want to be my friend.

Anonymous said...

That I am not His.

That I have not trusted enough in Jesus to be His child.

That I have too many weaknesses, mostly stemming from the above comments, to ever be of good use for my Father.

That my husband and I will never find our purpose together. We'll be forever waiting to move forward.

Thanks again for this post. Truly inspiring and a great reminder :)

Erin said...

I fear that I will never accomplish all the things I want to. I fear our debt will never get under control.

What a great post Meg. I'm praying for all the other lies these ladies are being told as well!

Ashley said...

Aww Megan - this is a great post! Definitely struggled/struggle with the whole "not skinny enough"/"not pretty enough" deal for a loooong time! You are so true - the devil gets us at our weakest. Thanks for sharing this friend!

Michelle (michabella) said...

I love this post. We all struggle with our own insecurities. I'm insecure about my money/debt situation; That I won't be able to have children; My 'career' or lack-thereof.

Anonymous said...

That I will be alone forever.

That I will never find another job better than the one I currently have.

That I'm not smart enough to get my degree.

That I messed up too much in the past which means I don't deserve greatness. I already had my chance.

Thank you for this post!

Mrs. Robinson said...

I'm not skinny enough. And my husband finds skinnier girls more attractive than he finds me.

Since I'm not musically talented (can't sing, can't play an instrument), my talents aren't really worth anything. I'm not worth as much as people who can sing pretty or perform well.

I'm not a good wife..

Such an amazing post. Impeccable timing.

Anonymous said...

wow this was so well written, it almost brought tears to my eyes to read the comments and I feel the same pain the rest of these gals do.

I fear I'm not smart enough, not pretty enough, in fact I'm getting uglier as I get older. I fear I hit my pretty peak long before my husband and he gets the remains. I fear my husband will leave me for a "newer" model or worse yet for his ex whom he can't stand. I fear debt. I scares the crap out of me and I'm afraid I'll have to live under a bridge. I'm definitely not skinny enough although that shouldn't matter, I should focus on health :). Wow.

Anonymous said...

I struggle with questioning my faith, but I know this is the devil questioning it and NOT me! Jesus is alive and He is risen! I have accepted Jesus as my personal savior, I know that He lives, and I know I am going to Heaven!

Take THAT Devil!

I also struggle with body issues... I'm not pretty enough, I'm not skinny enough, etc. I'm afraid my boyfriend will leave me for someone skinnier. I HATE my insecurities. They drag me down every day.

Anonymous said...

That I am not and will never be good enough. That I will never find a full-time paid position that is commensurate with my education and experience. That I will never pay off my student loans. That I will end up lonely and sad without anyone. That I will somehow miss out on Heaven. That I am not good enough for God. That I will miss out on God's purpose for me. That I am not good enough. That Jesus may be just be a figment of my imagination. What if my faith is for nothing?

Anonymous said...

He tells me:

I will never find a full time job position.
That I am not skinny enough
That I am not pretty enough
That I am not a good wife
That I fail Jesus daily (that's why we have his Grace)
That I'm not happy enough
That I complain too much

That is why you have to continually give your problems to God because he is big enough to conquer them for us. Instead of giving into the Devil, turn these bad thoughts to prayer in the Lord. He will take care of us :)

Thanks Megan for such a great post :)

Pamela said...

Oh my gosh, I love this. This is great! You are amazing, Megan!! The devil def gets to me. I don't feel like a good wife, or the wife I want/should be. I feel so unappreciated at my job. I went for an interview a month or two ago. They interviwed 6 people, & it came down to me & another lady. They chose her. She had more experience, which is totally understandable. It still made me feel like I wasn't good enough though. I want to grow & help financially more, in our home. I don't feel pretty. I know I am not fat, but I don't feel skinny enough.

Anonymous said...

I am always so insecure about my husband cheating on me. I have no reason to be. He's never done anything to make me think this way. I am currently pregnant and love my body, but I know as soon as I have this baby I'm going to hate my body again. I have become really lazy in life and don't have many goals. The ones I do have, I'm not confident I can accomplish them.

Anonymous said...

-That I look awful all the time.
-That maybe God and Heaven aren't the real deal.
- Fear that I won't get to live out all of my dreams or the paralyzing fear that my loved ones will die. Irrational fears and worry are big tools the devil uses to make us weak for sure.
- That my unsaved friends will never be saved and that I can't make a difference in their lives.
- That certain people can't change.
- Irrational guilt.
- Paranoia about what others think of me.
- That I am not good enough at anything.

Anonymous said...

I feel like nobody truly loves me and that I won't be able to find someone that will support me wholeheartedly without judging. I feel like even my friends who I see on a weekly basis don't love me enough to consider me a "best" friend. I sometimes lose motivation because I feel like I'm the only person who cares. I feel judged from others because I'm productive and thus "intimidate" other people.

Thank you for this. I needed this.

Katie said...

Megan, this is such a great post!! Thank you so much for writing it.

I often am afraid that if I mess up, God is going to take away good things in my life as punishment.

I also fear that I've wasted too much time and there's not enough left to do everything I want before I get "too old."

You're right that Satan is a very good liar who gets us to believe irrational things even when we KNOW they are irrational.

Thanks again, Megan, for such a great reminder that our God is bigger than Satan's lies!!

Ashley Slater said...

My sins from the past are too big to be forgiven and I can't do the Lord's work because I have already messed up so much. I fail everyday when there are christian women who seem to have it all figured out. I am not good enough. I am not a good enough wife.

I love that you opened this up megan, and we can all pray over these for each other. You are inspiring, truly..

Susan said...

-I will be single forever
-I am not pretty enough/skinny enough
-I won't be able to finish my degree or find a job in my field

This a great post Megan! I definately needed this today!

Caty said...

Megan - your post couldn't have had better timing! JUST yesterday, I was having a conversation with my husband about feeling defeated when it comes to people understanding me and accepting me for who I am.

I am a loud person. I've always talked at a louder level than most people my entire life. Most accept it, but lately the Devil is telling me that I'm too much. He keeps telling me that I'm too loud, I need to mellow out, and be quieter. I've become SUPER self conscious (which seems to be a reoccurring things over the years) about myself again, and I absolutely HATE it. When people tell me to "shush", it really hurts. Because I HONESTLY can't tell that I'm being loud. I don't have any hearing problems and never have. But I've just been a loud talker and laugher my entire life.

I'm VERY animated and I know that a lot of people are used to the personality I have, but they have no idea what a "shush" does to me. It makes me question EVERYTHING that I am and it breaks my heart!

The Devil has also been telling me...

I need to be a better Mother. I don't spend enough time planning out tons of activities for my daughter when sometimes I would just like to sit and have a moment to myself

I need to be a better wife, homemaker, cook.

I need to make sure that everyone else is happy above myself (learned this the hard way and I've come to realize that I need to take care of myself first to better take care of everyone else).

I need to be healthier/skinnier. I need to be a "trophy wife" because my husband is just gorgeous. But what I need to realize is that I am HIS trophy wife to him!

I need to be a better friend.

To all of you that have previously posted comments, and to Megan...I can't thank you ENOUGH for this blog post. I'm sitting here in tears realizing that there are so many others out there that feel the same things I do and that I need to remember that I'm NOT the only one, when I often do feel that way.

I seriously couldn't be more thankful for this community of bloggers that I've come to find and love so much!

THANK YOU! Thank you all for sharing!

Anonymous said...

That I won't ever be able to have children. That I won't find my happy ever after.

Anonymous said...

The devil tries to convince me that I'm not a good mom and that my kids would be better off with another mother. It breaks my heart, but I know they are lies.
He also tells me that my husband might cheat on me one day because I have gained weight from having kids.

Cindy said...

I don't even know what to say. I mean, I know what I WANTED to say, but after reading all these comments, they've already said it. It breaks my heart reading this - to know that all of these girls (myself included)- feel this way. I wish we could all meet up for a weekly Bible study/prayer time, where we can all be real about what we feel/think and what the TRUTH really is! It is amazing to see that so many women struggle with the exact same things! I'm right here with all of you - not pretty enough, skinny enough, not a good mother/wife, etc.,...It's so discouraging when we let Satan defeat us. For those of you who said you feel like you'll be punished for past sins, or you're not good enough...I was just thinking about this yesterday, since our sunday school lesson was on David and how his infant son died and his older son Absalom died (years later) because of David's sin, and I wondered "Will my children be hurt or punished for my sin???" But then I realized - JESUS HAS ALREADY TAKEN THE PUNISHMENT FOR THAT SIN!!!! There is NO reason that a just God would punish my children, when He already allowed HIS OWN SON to take all of the punishment for all of our sin on the cross. That was His whole purpose for dying! FOR ME! and for all of you - that sin has been taken care of. Just confess that sin to Him (agree that what you have done is wrong), ask his forgiveness, and put your trust 100% (that's FAITH!), and He will apply that forgiveness to your sins, and those sins are completely forgiven, NEVER TO BE BROUGHT UP AGAIN (Jeremiah 31:34). Have faith ladies - God created you to bring glory to Himself, and He is able to do that just the way you are, if you are simply willing to trust Him!

Anonymous said...

I worry that I won't be able to have babies. I worry that I wont be able to find a new job. I worry that I won't be able to make anymore friends.

Reading through the comments already left, my eyes are completely filled with tears. I read so many of your blogs and I think the world of each of you. Thank you, Megan for letting us support each other!

Anonymous said...

One of my biggest insecurities is that I am not pretty enough. I feel like if I lost weight I would be prettier. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I hate what I see.

poptartyogini said...

What a wonderful release for all these awful feelings. I want to write all the comments down and then tear them to shreads so they are no longer in the world. I fear trying because I don't feel I possess the skill set to accomplish things. I guess I'm afraid to fail. I feel that I'm plain and no one will remember me or care that I was here. I'm so glad to purge those thoughts and remember that I'm amazing because God creates amazing people.

Anonymous said...

I am also afraid of my debt. I am afraid of letting my son down and not being able to give him everything he deserves. I don't feel pretty or skinny. I am afraid I give up too easily. I am afraid that I will never get through school.

Anonymous said...

I will never be good enough for someone to love. I've sinned too much in the past for God to forgive me, and I still sin to this day. I focus too much on finding love that I forget about God sometimes. I've lied to my family, myself, my friends,'s too much to bear on some days. My body is not perfect and I wish it was.

This is a seriously inspiring post. Thank you for posting this!!!

Becky Lumert said...

I get stressed really easily because the Devil tells me that I am not enough. Not pretty enough. Not compassionate enough. I don't love others enough. I don't serve God enough. I don't have enough to give.
Then he tells me that because of this, I should give up and stop trying to be any of those things.
Lies, Lies, Lies.

Then my sweet Jesus whispers truth into my heart through prayer, the Bible, and others. I am made whole again.

Allison said...

Megan, you know how to speak to my heart so well! This is such a wonderful idea, I think we can really hear God when we are most vulnerable. This would be awesome to set up as prayer circles or prayer partners. I would love to help set that up with you if you are interested!

I'm afraid that I will never have/make enough money to move out on my own.
I'm afraid that I will never find a man that loves me unconditionally.
I'm afraid that my looks are never good enough.
I'm afraid that people don't like me and find me annoying, I even took a month and a half blog break because of this!
I'm afraid that I may never be able to open myself up fully to God. It may seem like an easy thing to do, but it can be so hard to give up total control of everything.

Anonymous said...

I struggle with my weight. he tells me I'm not good enough for anyone

Anonymous said...

I am so fat (really 20 pounds too heavy) but the devil tells me its 200

He followed me all weekend.....telling me I was a fat fake

not a good mother
not a good wife
not a good christian....
fat again
I never looked good enough

I should spray tan twice a week instead of once so the extra pounds would be less apparent..

that I should just stay in the house
that my friends were glad I was not a part of our 20 year group anymore....they never really liked me...

He has worked overtime the last week on me...AS I write this it even looks funny but its not
To the outside world I appear fine SAD

Christina said...

Wow. This topic is SO relevant, and I am moved by the comments. I think that argument that we are alone in the way we think has just been blown out of the water! I hope too that each of us will find our way to the truth and cling to it. Here are my insecurities:
-While I am not "ugly", I am not attractive to men. I fear that I'll never be noticed...and if I am, once they get to know me, they won't want to stay.
-I fear that I will never be effective in God's hands. That I can't be used to bring my friends to know Jesus, and that it is somehow my fault when I can't "make it happen".
-I feel like I'm a fraud, especially when it comes to my relationship with Jesus. I can easily point to how my "works" aren't enough.
-I don't understand how people or God can like me. I am so self-conscious that I don't know how to be God-conscious.
-I am always waiting for the shoe to drop...that if something is going well, it can't be long before it goes wrong or is taken from me.

Wow. The enemy is good...but thank you, Jesus, that He is better! I pray that we all would know our worth in Christ's eyes, and that we would reach out to others to pull them out of the darkness of the enemy's lies.

his little Lady said...

this post is so absolutely honest and open. i think the devil knows us so honestly because of his knowledge of us in the pre-mortal existence. he knows each one of our insecurities so personally. he attacks my mind with insecurities of my body, my lifestyle change and what i do with my daily life. he tries to bring us down to his unhappiness, but we can't allow him. we must say he is no longer welcome and shut him out!
xo TJ

Lia Joy said...

This is such a great post, Megan! The book of James is my favorite book of the Bible. So many lessons can come from James.

Some big fears/lies that I struggle with are that I will never be good enough as a wife and in general. I fear that I constantly let down the people that I love the most.

I also fear for the future that I won't be a good mother. I don't have kids yet, but I pray daily that when the time comes that Jesus will work in me to raise my children to love and honor Christ.

And I've never admitted this to anyone (except my husband) but I fear that I will not be able to have children. I know that God holds the perfect plan for my life in His hands. But sometimes I take my eyes of Jesus and my faith fails.

Anonymous said...

i'm not skinny enough
my husband doesn't love me as much as he could because of that
things i want or am looking forward to will be taken away because i sin

lori said...

i fear that...

i will not be able to find a job and put my college degree to good use... making people think that i am lazy and i do not want to work.

my relationship with God will not get where i want it to be.

i will not be be able to lose the weight and get healthy like i so badly desire.

great idea, megan!

Amber in South Carolina said...

Thank you for doing this today! My anonymous comment is mixed in there somewhere but I wanted to come back and say that I really enjoyed being able to share my thoughts out loud. I'll be praying for all the commenters on her as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm not in shape enough after having a baby.

I'm not a good enough mom or wife or employee or daughter.

I'm not worthy of all the blessings God has given me.

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

You make sharing things so much easier! Thanks for opening this up. My post today is all about the devil trying to get inside your head, but I won't let him!

Thanks for the encouragement to share my story, you're a beautiful person!

sandi said...

interesting how things from our youth can carry over to adulthood... being called a failure in 7th grade and recalling it still at age 44. i can't get it all done and others can. when i lose my temper with the children that's all they will remember, not the fun family times together. i complain.

Allison said...

This is amazing Megan. You are so dear and so wise. I have a huge fear of failure in all areas of my life and I know it is the devil trying to hold me back from what God wants me to do and who He wants me to be. Thanks for posting about this topic...too many people try to hide their fears which is just what the devil wants us to do.

Kayla said...

THIS is exactly why you are one of my fave blogs to read. You are REAL and aren't ashamed of it.

The devil has been hard on me lately. He wants me to believe I'll face failure like I did in the past, that the good things in my life now will be taken from me, and I'll end up alone.

I know God placed the things/people that I have now in my life and I'm hanging onto Trust in Him to prove this stinking Devil wrong!

Love you sweet girl.. always an encouragement!

Anonymous said...

LOVED this post! I think the majority of the women here expressed the feelings of being too fat. Why do we all feel like that?...because most of the time, I do too. :( That insecurity is the biggest in the minds of women... One insecurity that I struggle with is Will I Ever Get Married? In today's world, there aren't many gentlemen out there that are real men. I also have all the other insecure thoughts including: am I pretty enough? Thank you for this post...I needed it....

Joey said...

-That I'm not good enough at any of the things I love. -That things that are important to me are a waste of time.
-That I am not as well composed as everyone else
-That I can't stand on my own two feet and I won't ever be able to.

This is an amazing post, Megan. What a brilliant way to remind us all that these things we fear are really only lies. Beautiful.

Mrs. Kee said...

I'm too fat.
I'm not pretty.
I'm not as good as the previous speech therapist at my school.
No one really likes my blog and there's no point to it.
I will struggle to have kids.
I'm selfish.
My husband makes me better but I don't make him better.
I never really fit in.
No one really wants me.

Thank you for writing this amazing post. Today was an awful day for me and I really needed to just be honest and raw. I also needed to remember that other women have fears as well and I'm not the only one. Thank you Megan.

Raquel said...

I love this post Megan! This is such a great idea.
My main insecurities are that I'm not good enough for my boyfriend. That he deserves someone better than me, and that I'm ugly.

Man, that felt good letting my insecurities out

Michaela said...

Reading these comments break my heart. Thank you for bringing this issue up, friend. It's important to talk about and pray for each other! Some of the lies I've been told/insecurities I have:
- that perhaps my hard work in school won't pay off and I'll struggle to find a job after I graduate
-I won't be able to serve Christ because I, myself, am not perfect.
- I am responsible for my family's financial struggle (because of my schooling)

Even thought the devil works hard to defeat us, he can't and he won't, because CHRIST has already defeated satan, sin and conquered death on a cross. I was once told to replace each lie in our lives with a truth. A truth that comes from the Bible- God's ultimate truth for our lives. For example, Jesus loves us. He did FOR us (while we were still sinners). He is our redeemer, our rock, our strong tower. In our weakness, we find HIS strength. We are beautiful daughters of Christ and nothing can separate us from His love. After we repent, the sin is washed away like pure white snow. We deserve nothing, but He has offered us EVERYTHING- eternal life with Him.

Praying for all these ladies :) You are beautiful, Meg. Love you.

Anonymous said...

the devil gets me in my own thoughts. I have done things I am not proud of and every now and then he sneaks into my mind and brings up all the things that I'm least proud of...he presses the repeat button and wont let it stop.
Even though I know that God has forgiven me and doesn't hold it against me- I dont know how to forgive myself and remind myself that that's now who I am anymore ..esp when it keeps coming back. (if that makes sense).

The devil knows when we are most vulnerable and that's when he sneaks in and my mind goes where it should not go.

Traci said...

Not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not smart enough, too vain, much too insecure. The list goes on & on!

Renee said...

You really have a way to tug at the tear ducts girl! I feel like I'm not a good enough Christian, like I can't witness well enough because I'm not to the point in my walk with God that I can show someone else his love. I struggle with debt and my weight and a million other things. I read through each of these comments and I truly hope that our prayers can change some of these girls lives. Thank you for this beautiful post! I need more people like you in my life!

Happiness Is... said...

Wow. This is a great post.

Right now what I am hearing is that I don't deserve all of my blessings. I also fear that He will not take care of baby #2. I will be calm, confident and then boom - that darn voice will enter my mind. I don't "know enough" of His word by heart to really have anything meaningful to say as it relates to it. And sometimes I feel guilt tugging at me for working and not being a SAHM, that it is "wrong"

Thank you for posting. I agree with the blogger who said she wishes we could have a prayer group / Bible study!

kim-d said...

The devil tries to convince me that I am too old for my new job that I started just over a year ago; that my memory is not good enough anymore for me to remember all that I need to do a good job. The devil makes me wonder if the reason that my husband and mother died so young is because of all of my past sins and mistakes...and that missing them so, so much is what I deserve. That I don't really matter to anyone anymore.

What keeps me going is talking to my Lord and Savior about these things, and asking for Him to continue to keep me in His loving embrace. Everyday. Usually several times a day.

Thank you for doing this; I cried while writing this out.

Meghan @ Shine On said...

Wow! What an amazing post, Megan! For some reason I wasn't following your blog (uh, WHAT?!), but found the post from Sar's page. Can't believe I was missing out on posts like this!

You're amazing!

Keep Shining,

Emily grapes said...

Girl, seriously he's been beating me up with his lies, and its bringing me so so down.

- that G will never marry me
- G isn't the one
- i'm just wasting my time
- he has too many doubts about you
- I'm not wife material
- he's ashamed in me and where I am to make me his wife

Its seriously brutal. There's a lump in my throat just typing those out.

Annie said...

God, we pray for truth.

We pray for light to disperse this darkness, the broom of truth to sweep into the corners where we think we languish forgotten, entrapped by the web of lies Satan spins so diligently. We pray to be relieved of the burdens of not feeling pretty enough, of not being worth enough, of not being loved, of not seeing dreams realized, because they were nailed to the cross just the same as our sins. Satan tells me those lies just the same as he's told so many women who've commented here. And I pray You give us the strength to see beyond those falsehoods, that You gird us with Your armor that we might see Your truth first and foremost.

And we thank You for this community, for a place we can sit down and be honest, anonymously or by name, and see Your love by those who have gathered here. Thank You for Megan's boldness and vulnerability in writing this post.

In Jesus's holy name, by which all lies are blown to pieces, amen.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

This is a great blog post Megan. The devil does use lies all the time! It would take me all day to name all the lies. Usually it is "you are not good enough!" I have written about some of them on my blog. The lies cause insecurity and fear. Love you girl and thank you for your obedience in writing this post.

Alisha said...

Such a great post, Megan. Seriously. You opened so many ladies eyes with this post. God is definitely using you in BIG ways! BIGGER than you or I can even see right now :) So proud to call you a sister in Jesus!

My insecurities always get the best of me, and the devil always know when to throw those things back in my face even when I've (temporarily) overcome them.

I'm not funny enough. I'm not sensitive enough. I'm not caring enough. I'm as good a friend as I should be. Oh, girl the list goes on and on.

But I do know that God with me, and He loves me just the way I am and that's all that matters. :)

Kristin said...

This is an amazing post and I've loved reading the comments and true confessions of doubt. I feel that my self-worth is tied into my body image. As I get older, it gets worse. I feel inadequate when it comes to happiness. I wonder why, even though I have everything I need and most of what I want, I'm not as happy as everyone else appears to be. Is it just an outward appearance that I'm really bad at faking?

Anonymous said...

I fear that I won't be able to get through nursing school.

I fear that I will never be proposed to by my long-term boyfriend.

I fear that I will lose my parents/family sooner than I should and constantly worry about it.. daily.. which makes it hard to stay positive.

I hate how the devil makes me such a negative person some days. He tells me that i'm unsuccessful and worthless some days and what's worse is that I believe it sometimes.

Thank you so much Megan - It's nice to have a spot to vent with others that have similar insecurities!

Anonymous said...

Whoa amazing honest hearts! Lord cast the devil from every single lady who commented about lies they are told. Fill their lives with blessings and show them your love that is so great! I love these lyrics- "You know the depths of my heart and you love me the same. YOU ARE AMAZING GOD!" God doesn't care about any of these lies we are told, but only that we love him, seek him and further his kingdom! Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Every single person is awesome and different and created in the amazing image of God. Don't be the one to criticize His beautiful creation that is YOU!

Janna Renee said...

Do you realize how many lives you just touched with your simple and yet poignant words...I'm pretty sure that the devil is afraid of your faith... I am not so afraid in what the devil can do to me anymore (I have found a lot of peace within myself in the last year), but I am afraid of what he is doing with society's fear. I find that he is truly confusing the believers and the non-believers, and I hope that we can all rectify this before religion and faith are tainted. There will ALWAYS be those strong enough to believe no matter what (I consider you one of these), but not everyone can withstand the chasm that he is creating. Unity and support are key <3

Anonymous said...

Amazing post. Thank you for this.

I'm afraid of being too fat
I'm afraid I'm not being smart enough
I'm afraid ill never be able to become a teacher because I'm inadequate.
I'm afraid of not being the teacher I want to be, the wife I want to be and the mom I want to be.
I'm afraid of being punished for my past mistakes.
I'm afraid of my marriage not lasting forever.

Anonymous said...

Wow - this is such a powerful post and reading these comments makes my heart break. Thank you Megan, for shining God's light and for having such a strong faith. God is using you in mighty ways.

Satan tells me:
I am not a good enough wife for my husband. He deserves better.
That my past mistakes could never be forgiven. That by keeping my past mistakes hidden means that I am living a lie. That Jesus isn't big enough to forgive me and love me, no matter how much I repent.

They are lies. All lies. Please Jesus, teach me your truth and help me see Your love and grace on a daily basis. And help me believe YOU and not Satan.

Ashley said...

I read this post late last night and just had to read it again this morning. I prayed for all of the women who commented...what an amazing way to lift each other up in prayer! Meg, you are truly amazing and I love the way God speaks through you to all of us! I don't think I've cried so much while reading a blog post.

In the past Satan had a strong hold on me, making me such a negative person and in result I pushed many people away. In the last two years, God has touched my heart and shown me to be better then that. He truly loves me for has taken me a long time to realize that...better late than never, right?

Satan has a way of lying to me telling me...i'm not pretty enough, i'll be single forever, i'll never be a mother, i'm not smart enough, i ruined my one chance for happiness in my last relationship, moving away from nc was the worst decision...oh the list could go on.

Anonymous said...

He tells me that I am not a good enough mother...that after working all day I am a bad mother because I want a few minutes to myself. He says that my husband will leave me if I speak my mind and tell him what I really think. He says I am ugly and that the only reason my husband and I are together is because of our children... He also says that we will never sell our house and buy the one we want and be in debt forever...

I have been recently called back to church, and since then, I have noticed these thoughts getting stronger, but I think they are getting stronger because the devil knows he will have to work twice as hard to break me..

Anonymous said...

He tells me that I am not a good enough mother...that after working all day I am a bad mother because I want a few minutes to myself. He says that my husband will leave me if I speak my mind and tell him what I really think. He says I am ugly and that the only reason my husband and I are together is because of our children... He also says that we will never sell our house and buy the one we want and be in debt forever...

I have been recently called back to church, and since then, I have noticed these thoughts getting stronger, but I think they are getting stronger because the devil knows he will have to work twice as hard to break me..

Hilary Lane said...

I love this idea! & you are so sweet for praying over these.

I've noticed lately that he's trying to make me doubt my relationship. I have the kind of love I've always dreamed about, but find myself thinking, "Am I just going to end up divorced again?" which results in pointless arguments. Me pushing him away. All because Satan is trying to make me think that I'll just end up divorced again, when I know good and well that's not true.

Anonymous said...

I was fired from my job and he's told me I'm worthless and no good for our family. I'm a horrible person and rude. i don't stop making mistakes and I will always be suffering for the big ones I have made years ago. Ill never be good enough: mother, worthy of marriage, debtless, and now: a career. he's made me feel lost and so outside myself. I'm fighting now to keep myself true to me, show my loves that I love them with all that I am, and make smart choices while I put my trust & hope in my Lord. I really hit a low last week and didn't believe I deserved much at all (all because I was fired). it's turned my life upside down: wic, we don't have our sitter anymore because I can't pay her w/o a job, and I filed for unemployment. I never thought I'd have to do that. I've been scared and ashamed. but I won't let the devil win. I know who I am in Christ and I am So very worthy!
thank you for this post & your prayers! your words speak to my heart :)

Simply Kelly Blog said...

What an amazing post. I fear that I will never get married and have a family. I fear that I will never let myself open up enough for a man to love me.

Wow, that felt good to say "outloud" :-)

Melissa Jo said...

I sat here in tears reading some of the posts and I couldn't help but relate to so many of them.

My greatest fear is that I'll never find anyone to make me feel like my ex did. So I keep running back emotionally and it's preventing me from moving on.

I long to get married and have a family, it seems like everyone else gets their happy, but I'm here on my couch alone.

I'm angry with God for allowing bad things to happen to me and I'm trying to work through all that and it has been extremely difficult.

Thank you for sharing this post.

CMae said...

I haven't commented in ages..but this was a great post as all the others have said. I am shocked to read how many people are leaving comments with how unhappy they "look" a lot of if only I was thinner and if only i made more money... These are really heart breaking for me to read.
For me, the devil taunts me with spending money I don't have. I fall constantly in the battle of trying to "keep up" with what others "have" which has been excessively shown a lot on a ton of blogs always showing what they buy each and every weekend. I have to remind my self that these are just "things" and things don't define a a person. Because I don't own a LV bag doesn't make me less of a women than them! :) Thanks for writing this!


Lauren said...

This is honestly such a great post Megan! You have touched so many! It's crazy! You're such an inspiration! :)

I fear that the devil gets the best of my mind, I fear being judged, I fear being a bad wife, a "luke warm" christian and not being good enough.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I question if my husband and I will always be together. Like I'm always waiting for something to go wrong.

That I'm not skinny/pretty enough.

That I am a terrible mother.

That I don't do enough to fulfill my quest for Jesus.

Katelyn K, said...

We are discussing James in my Bible class this week! I have really enjoyed it! I really enjoyed your post as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that my husband will leave me because I complain about our current living situation all the time.
im afraid I'm a terrible mother.
I'm fat.
I'm not smart.
I'm terrible at my job.
I'm selfish.
The list goes on and on but I think I will spare everyone.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could just start all over again. I don't want to be married and knew that it wasn't the life for me the day I said, "I do." My husband constantly complains about how I don't do things the way he wants them done and, although I am a Chrisitan, I have no desire to "serve" him. We had an abortion in 2008 and we have been "trying" for over a year now... I was fertile once so I cannot help but believe that God is punishing me for my past choices. It doesn't matter how hard I try.. I am always a failure.

Major Gal said...

My biggest fear is that the money I spent in my 20s will follow me forever. I put myself in debt and spending is still my addiction. I struggle with the 6 pounds I put on this year and feel guilty that I hate my body when I'm actually in the healthy weight range. I also feel guilty for caring about my weight when I saw my baby sister struggle with eating disorders and know she still does.
i'm praying for all of you. know that you're beautiful and loved xoxo

Anonymous said...

Amazing post Megan! I can't believe I am just now seeing it!

I feel like I can never get close enough to God... No matter how hard I try. My husband prays so good and when he asks me to pray I never know what to say! Its like my mind goes blank and all the people and things I wanted to pray for/about were never there in my mind!

I also fear having children. I want to be a mother so bad but I fear that I will not be a good one.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful!

I'm insecure about our money/debt situation;
That I won't be able to have children;
That I will never have a degree & have to struggle forever;
That my fiance is/will cheat because I don't look the way I used to.

Anonymous said...

i read this post at a time it was most needed...

thank you for that and thank you to all the commenters that share these lies and insecurities...

he tells me that i will be alone and not have a family of my own

that i'm not good enough for those things

and that i don't deserve those things