Saturday, December 1, 2012

Around #2

Sharing a few posts/items that I love from around the internet today. 

- This gender reveal post. Makes me so excited for them! 

- This heartbreaking post about a young boy fighting cancer...and how we can help.

- A recipe for chewy cranberry oatmeal cookies. Delish.  

- This birthday list with the most adorable monogrammed chevron scarf. 

- The cutest personalized burp cloths I've ever seen. Who wants to get me these? ; )

- This post about being content in this crazy materialistic world. 

- Precious DIY snowmen ornaments that are actually easy and cheap to make!

Take a peek at these won't regret it.

I'm off to a baby shower today for one of my best friends!


PS: How cute is my little baby daddy as he puts together his daughter's furniture?!