Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sometimes and Always #12

Sometimes: I can't believe that I married a guy so country. 

Always: I think my hubby is super sexy with all his country ways...it's how a man should be!

Sometimes: I want to punch my puppies in the face.

Always: I refrain from doing that because they are just too cute. 

Sometimes: I can't believe that hibachi restaurants are so expensive. 

Always: The meals are so delicious that I always say it's worth it!

From this weekend...super yum!

Sometimes: Lifetime movies give me nightmares. 

Always: I keep watching them...even when I'm home alone. 

Sometimes: I wash my hands so many times at work that my skin starts cracking. 

Always: I have a major germ obsession and can't stand dirty hands!

Feel free to play along and link up with your own sometimes and always comments...the more the merrier! : ) 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Love and Kindness

I am SO excited to announce some big news today...

I am joining up with Anna from In Honor of Design and Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs to spread a little love and kindness around the blogosphere...right in time for February, the month of love!

Basically, here's the deal...in the next week, do something kind and out of the ordinary for someone. It can be someone you know or someone you don't know. Think of something that would give you a little jolt of happiness...and then do that for someone else! 

Here's a few ideas:

- Pay for the person behind you in a fast food drive-thru. 
- Leave a note on someone's car telling them to have a great day. 
- Offer to go grocery shopping for your grandma. 
- Bake some cookies and leave them on your neighbor's door. 
- Write the mailman a note saying you appreciate his/her hard work. 
- Tape a "great job" note to your coworker's door/locker/desk. 

There's so many things to do...it doesn't have to cost any money! The whole goal is to spread some kindness to those we come into contact with. Think about it...if you brighten someone else's day, they will in return quite possibly brighten another person's day. And the love can continue to spread...

So go ahead and think about a few things that y'all can do...and then be sure to come back here on Feb 6th (next Monday) and link up with Anna, Michaela, and I! 

Love, love!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sometimes and Always #11

Sometimes: I take a two hour nap...like as in yesterday.

Always: I hate taking naps because I feel like a zombie afterward!

Sometimes: My hubby and I bake chocolate chip cookies at 10 pm. 

Always: We eat them all. : )

Sometimes: I want to live back in my college town with all my best friends. 

Always: I know that we are where God wants us to be. 

Sometimes: I say "I refuse to watch any more Bachelors because it never works out."

Always: I end up watching...and getting involved...and being sad when it doesn't work out.

Sometimes: I can't figure out how to blow my nose. 

Always: It takes me a few times to get anything out after blowing. (TMI, I know!)

Sometimes: I don't have any pictures to use in my blog post. 

Always: I fall back on old pictures...or couple pictures. You can never go wrong with those!

I'd love for y'all to link up with me! Once you get started, they come pretty quickly! 

Love, love!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend in Instagram

Other than having absolutely no voice at all (which husband said was "awesome"), I am feeling so much better. I really appreciate all the sweet words and well wishes! 

Here's a little from our weekend, courtesy of Instagram:

- My friends for the past 5 days. 

- Blue eyed hottie. 

- Sleepy bunnies. 

- Saturday dinner...that hubs cooked while I watched tv was sick. 

- Snuggled up in pajamas together watching the new Lifetime movie. 

- Someone got booted off the bed. 

- Fresh baked dessert. 

I'm linking up today with the lovely Jenni

What did y'all do this weekend?

Love, love!

Friday, January 20, 2012

All the Noise

Do y'all wanna know something that should be against the law?

Starting construction work at 7 am...especially when someone living super close is sick and needs sleep. We live in a new(ish) neighborhood and houses are constantly going up. 

Right now, they are building three right behind our house and the "bang bang bang" and "smash smash smash" and "tink tink tink" are so loud that I can't sleep in...even with a loud heater AND a sound machine on. It's miserable. And I wanted to call the cops for noise disturbance, but husband said I probably shouldn't. 

The third one is much closer, about two houses down from ours on the left. 

And since that was the first time I got off the couch/chair to go somewhere other than the bathroom or kitchen for the last two days, the pups were super excited and had to run outside and hog the camera. Or maybe they were just excited to get 5 seconds of exercise. Eh. Who knows. 




And all of that made for a very eventful day. ; ) Back to the couch I went. Exhausted. 

Happy weekend! 

Love, love!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Time Sickness Won

At work Tuesday, I started feeling bad...sore throat, body aches, and cough. I wasn't running fever and I didn't want to leave early, so I toughed it out. By the time I got home, I felt horrible...basically like I had been run over by a huge truck...twice. 

So of course hubby was at work that night. And I called him...and then started crying, because apparently I'm super emotional when I'm sick. I actually did go to bed early and as I laid there on my deathbed, these thoughts seriously went through my head:

"Why can't my mommy live with us so she can be here when I need her?" 

"Who is going to get up every hour and re-wet my washcloth to put on my head?"

"I have to get up and get my own juice?"

"Why will no one text me back at 4 am? No one should be sleeping when I feel this bad."

So yeah, I basically learned that I'm a big baby when it comes to being sick and I need someone to be there to wait on me. Let's just say my mommy spoiled me. 

I'm happy to report that I am feeling much better and I'm actually able to get out of bed. Win. 

Love, love!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sometimes and Always #10

Time to link up for Sometimes and Always! Feel free to join in! : )

Sometimes: I can't think of anything to write in these posts. 

Always: I can usually think of some pretty good ones pretty quickly!

Sometimes: I get really sad/lonely when my husband is gone to work. 

Always: I love having control of the tv and remote control. : )

Sometimes: I leave clothes in the dryer for days. 

Always: Hubby gets mad and ends up folding them. Win. 

Sometimes: I really hate talking on the phone. 

Always: I screen my calls and wait for people to leave voicemails to see what they need. 

Sometimes: I really get frustrated with patients at work. 

Always: I remind myself that if God loves them, so can I. But it's still hard. 

Sometimes: My husband watches the most boring shows on tv...like hunting. 

Always: I like to go and jump on him/block his view when the show is something I don't like. 

Thanks to all the beauties who link up with me...I love reading all the posts!

Love, love!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend of Babes

This past weekend hubby and I drove back to my college town for a friend's baby shower. 

Well, I went for the baby shower. Husband went because I made him he wanted to drive with me. I have no actual pictures from the baby shower, but it was so nice to reunite with some old college friends and trade life stories and a few laughs. Plus, the shower was in a cupcake shop, so y'all know that made me happy. 

Afterwards we went to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant and spent time loving on our favorite babies. 

Great weekends sure do make it easier to get the week going, right?!

Love, love!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Current Loves

It's been such a perfect weekend...the weather, the plans, the friends. 

Things I am currently loving right now:

- Oranges...I'm totally obsessed and eat at least two a day. 

- Burt's Bees Chapstick...perfect for the "cold" weather. 

- Boots...that's all I wear these days. 

- Days off with hubby...perfect time to sleep in and snuggle. 

- Puppies...they look so cute sleeping by the heater. 

What did y'all do this weekend?

Love, love!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

In Our Belly

Well now, that title kinda sounded like a pregnancy announcement, didn't it?

It's not. : )

Just popping in today to share two little yummies that have given us happy bellies lately. 

First up, we have the always delicious homemade waffles. 

I don't know what to be more excited about...how delicious they were or the fact that we actually had all the ingredients to make them in the house. That's pretty impressive...for us. And those bananas totally cancel out those puddles of syrup. 

Then I decided to shake the dust off my Pinterest account and I made crock pot chicken and dumplings. Recipe here. I'm not gonna lie...I was pretty much expecting it to be disgusting. I'm not a big fan of chicken and dumplings. But I read some pretty amazing reviews, so I decided to make it anyway. 

Even though the pictures don't show it, it was AMAZING! I could barely breathe and swallow as I tried to shove it down my throat and simultaneously sing its praises. The dumplings are big biscuits that you put into the crock pot about 30 minutes before it's time to eat...and they were definitely the best part! YUM! 

I totally suggest making both the waffles and the chicken and dumplings. Probably not together.

Love, love!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sometimes and Always #9

So let's just go ahead and say it: LSU choked last night. 

Moving on...

...time for Sometimes and Always...link up and play along!

Sometimes: I watch Toddlers and Tiaras. 

Always: It makes me really sad for the kids involved. 

Sometimes: I want to learn blog design and HTML. 

Always: I give up after 5 minutes because it's kinda boring. 

Sometimes: I get overwhelmed by my inbox and just delete all the emails. 

Always: I really appreciate them! And I always make sure I'm not deleting anything important!

Sometimes: My husband gets annoyed when I want to take pictures all the time.

Always: I make him do it anyway.

Sometimes: I think about "accidentally" oversleeping for work, just so I can get more sleep.

Always: I get up and go in on time. 

Sometimes: I get nervous that no one will link up with me.

Always: I seriously get excited when someone does!

Love, love!

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Letter to One's Husband

Dear husband, 

I really appreciated it last night when you offered to help me cook dinner when I said my back was hurting. And how you took a big ole bite of my baked ravioli and immediately said, "Yum, it's good baby." Because you know that I like positive reinforcement after cooking. And it was good, wasn't it. You even slapped me on the butt afterward, which most likely means that it was extra good. 

And even though you didn't want to watch Grey's Anatomy with me last night, you let me snuggle all on you and didn't even gripe once. Okay, maybe you did once, but definitely not twice. ; )

And when you started playing with the pups I just looked at y'all and thought that I have to be the most blessed girl in the world. I have to be. There's no other way to say it. 

So dear hubs, when you read my blog today (which I know you will, even though you think blogging is weird), just know that I love you and I can't wait for all the adventures that we are going to have together in this life. So here's to 2012 being a year that our hearts, minds and souls fall deeper in love. 

Love, love!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This Year - 2012

I'm not really one to make resolutions. I pretty much never do. Maybe sometimes I'll think "this year I want to work out" or "this year I want to drink more water," but usually that thought is gone in two seconds and I forget all about resolutions. 

This year, I decided to make a few. None super specific...no set guidelines. But just a few to push myself this year and really make 2012 the best that it can be. 

I have a few simple, normal ones: be in bed by 11 pm each night, drink less diet coke (shocking, I know!), eat healthier, pray each morning and more throughout the day, memorize scriptures so that I always have something to beat the devil. 

My main resolution for this year is to LIVE...fully, thankfully, openly, gracefully, devotedly, lovingly. I want to really be the best wife/daughter/sister/friend/blogger that I can be. I want to spend each day relishing in God's grace and being thankful for the amazing blessings that I have. That means less tv watching, less computer time, less iPhone games...and more living and loving and being present. More taking advantage of every day I'm given.

Life is really short. I realize it more and more every day. People die. Years fly by. I mean, how am I already 26? That means I've already lived about a fourth of my life...Lord willing. These next years are going to be amazing. I want to grow, be challenged, share, love, learn, teach, change...so many things. 

Inspire. Love. Share. Encourage. Let's make 2012 the year that we really push ourselves to be better, happier, stronger and healthier. 

What do y'all want to do in 2012? 

Love, love!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sometimes and Always #8

Happy 2012! This year is starting off on a nice note because the hubs and I are both off until Friday! 

Sometimes: I feel like my husband and I are 80 because we love curling up at home and watching tv. 

Always: We totally enjoy it, so hey, whatever floats our boat. 

Sometimes: The doorbell rings when I'm home alone. 

Always: I never answer it. 

Sometimes: People pop fireworks. 

Always: Radar is petrified of them and acts like a raging fool when they go off. 

That would be him hiding between the chair and the side table.

Sometimes: I have good intentions to clean my closet out and get rid of clothes/shoes. 

Always: I decide to give a shirt away and then think "Oh, but I might wear that." And back it goes.

Sometimes: I am a freak about people touching my face.

Always: My husband knows not to touch my face after I wash it for bed. 

Sometimes: I look at my life and feel super blessed.

Always: I realize how blessed I really am!!

Sweet family. 

Sometimes: My friend Meg asks me to guest post for her. 

Always: I do it because I love her like chocolate cake. Go read my "first" here

Feel free to link up if y'all want to! I can't wait to read y'alls sometimes/always!

And I'm showing off my bling today by linking up with CMae!

The amazing ring and bands that my hubby picked out. They STILL make my heart drop!

Love, love!