Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Mackey Madness! This blog is a mixture of life, love, laughs, and fun...all while loving the Lord. I'd absolutely love to help you promote your blog or business. 

Why should you sponsor Mackey Madness?

I post consistently, utilize Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest, have absolutely fabulous and dependable readers and really enjoy spreading the word about blogs/shops/companies that I love. I don't want to just take your money and leave you unsatisfied. I want you to walk away saying, "Wow, that was totally worth it!" I also have low ad prices when compared to blogs with similar followings. Plus, I have big dreams for this blog and you can join me in achieving those! : )

A few things to note before you sponsor:

- I won't be doing any sponsor posts on my blog (unless it's a giveaway). I feel like these are overlooked and ignored by almost everyone. I know that I personally never read a blog when I see that it is a sponsor post. I just click right out of it and I am pretty sure that most people do the same. They often seem to be "forced" and awkward posts. I get less pageviews when I do a "sponsor highlight" post, thus meaning that you get way less exposure. And that's not good. 

- Instead, I will be sharing your blog/shop through other forms of social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I have seen firsthand how effective this is and I am excited to implement this with my sponsors. Trust me, it works!

Read below for ad sizes and prices. You can purchase them right here. 

Email me with questions, concerns or to get my current stats - Mackeymadness(at)gmail(dot)com. 

I look forward to working with you and I really want us both to benefit from this partnership.