Hi y'all, I'm Megan, the writer of this blog. 

I'm a wife to my sweet husband and a mother to my three puppy children. I work as a RN in the Emergency Department and I thrive on the excitement and adrenaline that happens each day. My husband is a fireman...and he's pretty much the cutest thing ever. I basically blog about our life and anything else that pops into my mind. 

First major thing you need to know about us: we love the Lord. He is our reason for living and I hope that you can tell that from my blog. 

If you're new here and looking for a few highlights, you might be interested in: 

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- My first ever video blog (don't make fun of my accent!)

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate every single one of my readers. Feel free to email me: Mackeymadness@gmail.com

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